Visits affect Google Ranking

Hi all,

Just would like to know if I start receiving more visits for my web hosting site than usual to my website will this affect my google ranking and should I see it increase?

And if so how does google actually track this as I would think it be my web hosting server that would only have this stats.


If you are referring to your stated Home Page in your profile, that has Google Analytics on it—the primary purpose of which is to track visits to your pages. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I haven’t heard if Google takes page visits into account when listing results, though. I doubt that’s a factor, as page visits could easily be faked, and says nothing about the quality of the content.

Yeah, I don’t think google takes total visitors into account when ranking. You’re probably getting more traffic because your site has already gained some higher links. That’s a good sign. Google could take into account the click through rate of your site in the search results although I haven’t done much research on this. I was involved in a long discussion on bounce rate on another forum and although it’s an important metric for your own use, Google has said they don’t use it.

The problem with that is how Google accounts for sites that don’t have GA on. Does it have any way to assume a level of traffic in the absence of GA data on how many visitors a site gets? Are sites that don’t have GA likely to be disadvantaged (or helped) by that fact … or does it depend on whether they are a high- or low-traffic site?

No traffic does not affect pagerank. Stupidly only good in coming links do. And google wonders why they have a spam problem. Google should change this. Pagerank should be based on three things - links, traffic, and how many other sites steal your content. My two cents. Probably only one.

[font=verdana]I like that last one :rofl:

But my question about traffic still stands – how do sites without GA fare if Google doesn’t have detailed visitor data?[/font]

My bread and butter site ranks 1’ish in google for its search terms. In part because of its domain name and strong content. Copyscape shows 200 copy and paste jobs for any one liner. I have many links pointing to me. Not high quality ones though. My page rank is a dismal 2. It has been since forever. About three months ago I added Google Anylitics to the site. I don’t know the answer to your real question. But I will find out if GA helps at all. :slight_smile:

Yes visits can affect the Google ranking,because the more no of visits gets any website the more no of ranking would be gained in Google top search engine result pages.But for ranking not only no of visits matters,but sites unique original contents,offpage and onpage optimization matters.

Do you have any proof to back that up?