Does Google see my social media likes?

I heard word that Google is now more reliant on how many social media likes you have than the amount of links. Has anyone heard this? Is there any evidence for this?:rolleyes:


Yes google crawle your all like but you can get only traffic from likes.

I dont think I’ve explained myself enough here. I have a website. On it is an icon that links to my facebook page. I have heard now that Google is programmed to pick up how many likes you have on your facebook page like it used to look at the amount of links to your website. In other words the more likes on your facebook page the better ranking for your website.

Has anyone else heard this? Is it nonsense? Is there any real evidence for it?

Social media sites drives referral traffic on your website and increase your website presence on web by interacting with other peoples via major social networking sites. Google doesn’t consider them as a backlinks.

I know it doesn’t. I never said it does. but is their any evidence that it registers the amount of likes and uses this information in the same way as it would backlinks?

I give up:rolleyes:

As per Google Engineer Matt Cutts Matt Cutts, social signals do, in fact, play a role in organic SEO. You may read a great post on this topic at

Thank you! Just what I needed. Just as I was giving up! Have a great weekend! :lol: