Low rankings despite links

Hey guys,

I am baffled by one of my websites that doesn’t get SE traffic, despite having links.

I have a few theories but I also wanted to get your input. This is the website: http://bit.ly/6VIARn. It was started in September and content has been added on a daily basis. It got a few nice links for some articles.

The only SE traffic it receives is when searching its name or stuff like this http://bit.ly/4MT41r.

Why do you think this is? Might be the hosting server?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Is anyone actually interested in your content i.e. searching for it? Have you done any keyword research to see what the demand is?

Yes, I have. Even when searching the actual title of an article, my site doesn’t show up. So I think the issue is not whether or not someone searches for it, but why doesn’t it show up among the first results.

Where does the site get listed in the search engines for the important keywords? Is the answer to your question “why doesn’t the site get SE Traffic?”, because it’s not listed in the rankings?

If so, it might be better to “why is the site not ranking highly?” Whole new can o’ worms!

You’re right, I didn’t get the title right. The question is why does it not rank highly? If there’s some kind of a penalty or because of the server it is on…

For example, for the most popular article which got a handful of links, the hompages ranks on the 5th page while links pointing to it are on the first page.

I guess it takes more than “a handful” of links.

Keywords, mate, keywords, you have to choose the right keyword for your site, if you don’t have a keyword, how can other people find your site?

How quickly did you build the backlinks? Sometimes if you build them too fast you might encounter problems like this. Google doesnt find it natural.

I am experiencing something similar with one of my site. I wonder what will happen after Google judges that the link building seems unnatural?

The age and value of your links is important. Also, september isn’t very long.

Link age is important. On low value pages, google only crawls and caches the pages every week or less.

you don’t get much of a vote for your site until google has cached the page tons of times and seen that you’re incoming link is still intact as well as relevant to what you want traffic for

Just wait and don’t be upset.
Add more and more content
Wait for the result.

yes, you might have links, but do you rank? if so, what is the keywords you’re using? maybe the others were right. you might don’t use competitive keywords.

This is because of wrong optimization of keywords…

Be patient and continue the hard SEO work.

If you did it well, you WILL be rewarded

Agree, sometimes it takes time, maybe a year or so to get traffic to a quality site like that.

Good organic traffic doesn’t happen overnight ya know, don’t carry what anyone says.

I’m having the same problem as the OP. My website has lot of good backlinks from high PRed websites and my website is still have low ranikng. I wonder what’s happening now in Google :frowning: