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i am thinking of making a blog, i need some tips if what type of blogs should i write, what blogs was the community wanted to read?

Hi @dariotan321, I would ask you then what is your expertise and what value can you offer to other people. I find these days many businesses write articles just for the marketing aspect of it, parroting whatever is already out there instead of writing something original or even of any real value. So what can you tell us from your own experience that will be of value to us?


I agree wholeheartedly, it is Oh so very true concerning the dross abundance. It is getting increasingly difficult to find worthy articles amongst the plethora of inane blogs and the trend is increasing at an alarming rate.

Ponderism for today, was the internet originally created to rapidly render pictures of food, pets and selfies?


Hopefully your ultimate topic choice will be of value to others. Before writing, please research the key words and try not to repeat relevant points from other articles.

Are you aware of the bike shed effect*?

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Andres_Vaquero, i think i will right a articles related to games …but how can i write a blog that can satisfy the readers?

John_Betong , if i will create a blog about foods, what should you prefer to start on, where should start up, what kind of topic for food ?

Whenever I see photos of food about to be consumed it always reminds me of this article…

Are you writing a blog as hobby or is it something you want to be able to monetize in time?

John, thank you, you give me a brilliant idea… thanks , i will make a blog for that topic

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i am writing blogs for a hobby , pfeiffdog sometimes i am writing something or a article when i am alone at home or got an idea of something i want to write on.

Whatever you write, don’t make it big just to create volume. Write what you have to say then condense it in size. Don’t make it TL;DR.

Before starting with a blog, focus on the topic of your specialty. Where in you can extend and composed a lots of article. Limited knowledge on a certain niche will end up you running out of idea to write on your blog.

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Hi! What is your product? Or you want to become a life blogger?
If you want to make a blog for your product, first of all you need to make a list of key words and follow to write topical articles for your blog. I work in software and we make the same and for my blog follow trendy topics for my audience.

But if you want to make your own blog, you can make business blog or reviews on any interesting things.

Blogging about food reminded me on one of my all time favourite blogs - Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans - - it’s not been updated for a couple of years but still a good read and an excellent example of true blogging for the hell of it.

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It depends on what kind of audiance/reader’s you want to grab towared your site. For example if i am going working for a client who had his agency in USA travel based so i will write blogs on USA destinations grabs visitors towards it and will collect all data about things to do or not to do what makes people crazy about places etc and what are good places what are not, will write descriptively about people, precautions, Region’s traps and Food bloging yeah will work on it and everything about popular palces.

As the OP is no longer with us, there seems little point in continuing this discussion.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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