Best blogs niches?

I was just wondering, what are the best blogs niches these days (by best I mean most popular)? I’m not a blogger myself and don’t really know much about blogging.

So you agree then that the phrase “Dominate your niche is misleading” and should be changed? Don’t get me wrong. Your reports might be great and you could do a lot of sales. But if someone buys your report and then finds out that its not about seo or linkbuilding, but more about keyword reasearch. How will you ever have any repeat business with these customers?

No, I do not agree that “Dominate your niche is misleading” and must be changed.
I do not mislead by stating I provide SEO.

You can dominate your niche by starting with good keyword research.

What people fail to realize that there’s one best niche and it’s a secret. It’s the blog that usually succeeds for many reasons. I can’t tell you what it is as it’s top secret.

Hint: What’s your favorite thing to do? If the first one doesn’t work make a list of 5 hobbies. Then you might get the secret.

I liked gaming and fitness, but I’m staying away from gaming as it’s more of a rather worthless niche pay wise and every 13 year old kid can start a blog about gaming. I am into the health and fitness field even though I know more about fitness rather than health, but both go together, but many areas in health I don’t hit.

Each area has it’s own unset guidelines.

dating & relationships
weight loss

I agree. I also see you’re very passionate about what you’re doing. This is also a good lesson to everyone subscribed to this thread and looking for best blog niches. Check out these reports to find profitable niches, but keep in mind that you also need good seo to really dominate you niche.

Hey thanks for the PM Alex. I watched your site and it looks good. The only thing that kinda bothered me is that you claim that with this reports you can dominate a niche. But i don’t see anything about seo and linkbuilding. Even if you have a keyword with at least 3000 spm and less than 50.000 competition. Without proper on and off page seo you will never dominate any niche. The service you’re offering is more keyword related. You can find these yourself with a tool like market samurai or buyer keyword imo. Also, in your all in one seo settings change the noindex to index.

I absolutely agree - on page and off page SEO is necessary to own your niche. But without starting with good keyword research you’re working for nothing.

niches doesnt and blogging success is indirectly proportional to each other…its how you work with the niche your going to choose :smiley:

So you offer SEO services? Do you have a website where we can see what it is that you exactly offer?

I have a friend who has a site promoting chicken recipes. She makes over $500 per month with it. No joke.

I do freelance keyword research reports for bloggers and there are thousands of niches. If you can find a keyword phrase that offers at least 3000 searches per month with less than 50,000 competition, you can rank and make money!



It depends on what product you are promoting. In my opinion, you should choose the niche that is relevant to your product.

Based on my experience, celebrity and gambling blogs are popular.

When you want to know what people are really interested in you will have to raise a poll on that with brief details on each area of your interests which will help you find the percentage of audiences interest on those topics. You can also do this by conducting some searches on Google trends as already suggested.

Even though I can see that you had selected a topic to start blogging, if you have a good network either online or offline you can ask those people about your ideas on finding the best blog topic. All the best!

I think best niches can only be determine by you… why because if everyone here find a better niche then they will not share it to you since veryone wants it to be theirs too… But for my understanding you can only be the one to know what is best for you… you have to find it out and check for your self what you are passionate about…


I think the most popular niche is Blogging and Technology. It is very popular now a days. Even I blog for blogging :slight_smile:

It’s true to choose a topic that you are passionate about. However, if your passion is about something that no one is interested in you will have little success. To find hot niches check out ebay, amazon, google etc… for trending/hot topics.

There are lots. Cooking recipes is ACTUALLY one.

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You’re welcome, check out these locations

See what people are looking for. What keywords they’re using to find products. What they’re spending money on and what makes them spend money. Go for a niche where people constantly buy new products. You don’t wanna go into niche where people buy one product and that’s pretty much it.

Try to go through forums aswell. Type in Google:

“niche+forums” or “niche+discussion board” (replace niche with your keyword/desired niche)

On these forums you will find valuable information about your prospects. Check out the FAQ and you’ll have lots ideas too.

Also check out your competition with a tool like Market Samurai:

You don’t wanna go into a niche with large companies sitting there for years at the top.

You now got a load of valuable information some people would charge you for:) Take it easy and have a good action plan or else you will suffer from information overload :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I have to disagree with that kind of thinking.

If there were no others in your niche, then you would have no contacts, no trackbacks, and no honorable mentions anywhere. There would only be what the search engines find when they crawl your site, and that would be less than it is now for the reasons I just pointed out.