Topics to blog

How do you find topics to blog everyday in your blog? What motivates you? I remember how I had started blogging only afterwards to run out of topics hence I became demotivated.

What I’ve recently started to do, since I blog about what I work with, is to whenever I come across something interesting during the day I make a note of it in Evernote. Just a quick snippet to remind me of what it was that went through my mind, why it was interesting, and perhaps also what I could blog about it. What’s most important about this is that I never write any details, just a very quick note.

For example, perhaps I notice that a piece of software I use works excellent for something it wasn’t actually created for, or I write a piece of Javascript that could be of value to someone else. I try to always have somewhere to document these ideas as they pop up—usually Evernote or a small Moleskine notebook.

It only takes a few seconds to write down an idea and it doesn’t interrupt my work. Later when I have time to blog, I have a bunch of these small idea snippets to look through for inspiration. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for ideas, you can also do a search for “blog topic lists”. There are several out there that, although probably already used, may give you inspiration.

I tend to add interviews with other professionals to my blog just to create something different. You can also try to recommend other blogs once in a while to widen your readers’ resource list.

Keeping yourself upgraded will never stop you to find topics for blogs. By any chance if you are lost, then try to look to others blogs or for the trendy topics over internet.

Sometimes, I tend to go out of my niche every time I’m losing topics under my niche. More often, I write about trending entertainment post. It allows me to have more time to prepare and think about interesting ideas about my next blog post related to my niche.

I have subscribed to other blogs that are related to my topic. When i get new articles from there, i will go for another one. Not spinning the older ones, just refer those ideas.

I try to keep updated on what’s going on in my industry and write about it. Often I try to implement what dnordstrom was writing about as well.

Whenever you noticed any interesting notes, just make a note of it with references… Once in a week, organize the list, so that you will have a clear idea for your daily topic

Well, it’s always nice to look for some inspiration. Fortunately, it has not been difficult for me to look around and be inspired. It’s true that it helps when keeping short note/s whenever a significant events or situations happen. From there, it’ll be a good source of inspiration for a topic to write about.

I’d say that it helps when we open ourselves to new realities, chances and opportunities. Explore the wonderful world of Internet. Make sure that you love what you write. You do it not only to impress your readers but also to take delight on yourself as a writer. Passion is still the key.

Once again, topics can pop-out if we think like a traveler.:musicman:

I always find topics to blog everyday is from the experience that i got from my day to day life in my industry. Also I do prefer to share those information that are interesting to me and with the hope that is useful to the bloggers too.

This matter should be analyzed in detail before the start of blogging. In my view the topic of your blog should be such that it have the readership, upward trend for future , less competitive. The before hand knowledge of topic can help you writing few initial posts but if you are not the expert of the topic then it might help you to research more and write more.Although every blogger feels out of idea at any time so generating ideas for blog is part of blogging process.

go to your browser and write your keywords and press search. example, i am looking for seo related article - blogger seo tutorial, or google seo tutorial

You can share your funny things with someone else! It is time-consuming and originally creative!

Yeah! I like that too! Well it may not totally apply to your niche but still I find it cool to write funny experiences. In that sense, you allow your reader to laugh (or not). But heck, what matter is your genuineness as you write.

Oh by the way, there are many forms of writing blogs, you get to make list post, how to post, question post, reviews, profile post for well known people, even “rant” post etc. So through that you can get ample ideas what to write. :wink:

I subscribed to different RSS feeds, that gives me inspiration. Another great option is to visit the forums, these are also good for some tutorial ideas. And whenever I think about a topic to write about it (day or night…) I create a note on my phone.

It’s quite easy to open your browser and find a million new topics to write about. Yahoo, Google and other home sites have plenty of things going on on a daily basis. If you are not necessarily interested in writing about current events, simply reading some articles may inspire you to write something. You never know where your inspirations will come from!

Get to know what’s the latest buz around…what’s getting people’s attention,and then see what you have to say about this…once you put yourself into the “issue” you’ll find yourself developing a POV…then get it into writing!

You can keep updates you about new topics from blogging by searching regularly about latest trends about news fashion etc… you can have an idea about latest blogging topics from google trends as well as twitter news trends… I would suggest you to go for google trends based upon your region or country … although you can also go for world trends… well it depends upon you to where to go…

My motivation is mashable and techcrunch.