What kind of blogs do u want to read most?

Hi! I was thinking to create a good blog about internet marketing, advertising, domains, money and internet… stuff like that… ! Do people like these kind of blogs? Also what kind of blogs do usually people want to read?

not normal people, no

something with a story, with human interest, with ideas

something that captivates your imagination

:)) Earning 100000$/month does not captivate your imagination?

absolutely not

my bullshït detector just throws up too many red flags

what about all those who sustain they earn even millions / month buy blogs or simple sites… I think is just marketing… they promote their sites in this manner, it is absurd to earn millions just with a site. I don’t know…

I do not even bother to click on a blog that claims to earn millions monthly. I would like to read something quite unusual, nowadays blogs have somehow entered in a routing. A boring one. I don’t know, something shocking, something out of the ordinary, something that will make me want the author to publish another post as soon as he can…

me too…:slight_smile:

The problem here is unoriginal thinking. If you have nothing to say, it doesn’t matter what the field or topic is.

Nobody wants to read the 30,00th blog about internet marketing, advertising, domains, money and internet. Especially from a wannabe. First Rule of Marketing: You do not dub the blog “good,” your audience does.

However, if you have an unusual or one-of-a-kind take on about internet marketing, advertising, domains, and so on you may have success. Being a “get things done” field, your success will hinge on what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished.

Don’t start a business blog when you’ve never met a payroll, never paid office rental, never pitched a corporate client, never put a physical mailing out, never gotten publicity for your products, never had a face-to-face sales job, or never developed a product to sell.

Without experience, all your writing will come off sounding incredible and be a turn-off to anyone with a smidgen of sense.

If you are merely typing the words – without the least little experience earning even a fraction of that – then absolutely not. That you typed it doesn’t make it real. If you earned it, chances you wouldn’t type that. The instant you betray your lack of experience through your writing, the reader is gone.

And, even if you did it, doesn’t mean anyone else will. People want the money, not you typing some fiction.

Personal experience + creative narration would work for me.

nope i did’t earned that money… but just make an example…
All the Internet is full of those topics… :))

All the Internet is full of those topics…

If you saw it on the internet it must be working, honest and true. Because internet folk – especially business folk – are honest and forthright, steadfast and truly good looking based on the unretouched stock photos. So go ahead and do it. And if it doesn’t work, well, that just means your haven’t added enough zeros and exclamation marks.

'cause exclamation marks make unsubstantiated, baseless claims true.

domain - porn.com was sold for a million ))) so it’s possible

But yeah that kind of people usually exaggerate numbers. However, say you’re selling a ‘manual on how to earn 100 000 per month’ for 300$ (cuz ‘it really works!!!’), you would need about 300-350 customers per month, t.i. 10-15 a day - not such a big number for the web after all. ))

blogging should be based upon your interest.
If you want to make it on regular basis then the topic that interest you would be the better choice.

Here is a nice site which seems to encompass the skill and depth of writing being talked up here: Buy My Stupid Ebook

I don’t have a problem understanding people sell ebooks. I do have a problem when the inexperienced in making money write about topics they have no idea about.

Yes people love to read blogs related to internet marketing and SEO. I also like to read these blogs with good contents which provide unique article in this field.

What about blogs about science, weird nature stuff and others like that? There are such blogs ? This is another subject I think I can write about…

Yes you can also write in these topics. These topics are also very popular specially for students. You can add some maths tricks also in your blog.

I like reading funny posts. I think most people do. Funny blogs get a lot of traffic.

i think that interesting content is 70% of success. it would be interesting to read something which is common for everyone (life, some funny occasions etc). to such topics everyone would be able to make a contribution, this is the main thing.

Yes if every body will able to understand your blog then you will get good comments on it. Getting comments in your blog means your blog is becoming popular.