Too much traffic but too less revenue


I am one of the leading entertainment portal of my country from last 9 years now,

I am usuing multiple ad networks and happy with them,

Today while going through the reports of XtendMedia, I believe what I am earning is very low as compare to the traffic I am delivering to them,

Below is the one day random report,

Impressions : 149,105
Clicks : 1,703
Revenue : $2.99

Any suggestion please?


that’s really bad, their rates is very bad
you may want to look for another network
have you tried valueclickmedia, casalemedia, burstmedia, tribalfusion, adsense?

in the past we had a lot of second tier networks but not anymore
if you find a second tier network please let me know

Oh wow! Try another network, CPA, CPM, Direct. Something.

6 months ago I had the same problem multiple network low payout, the simple solution that fix my issue was working with only one ad network (valuclick), since then my profits are doubled.

but valeclickmedia does not sell 100% of your traffic

you need to setup defaults to make more money


By the looks of things, whichever ads you are showing are not paying you for clicks from your country/region. Some networks exclude Pakistani traffic, and whilst they may show an ad if you haven’t set up a default - you will not be paid for the impression or click.

You seem to be getting a 1.1% CTR which is very impressive (industry average is closer to 0.05%), and you should be earning much more than $2.99 from 1,703 clicks no matter where that traffic is coming from.

Are there any Pakistan-specific ad networks around? If so they would be worthwhile applying to. Otherwise, have you considered using Google AdSense? I would imagine you should be able to make about $100 from that many clicks no matter where your traffic is from although I do not have any experience of traffic from there personally.