100k impressions to waste.. need help monetizing

Hi Guys,

Between TribalFusion, ValueClickMedia and AdsDaq, they really can’t fill my inventory…

Yesterday for example I server around half a million impressions and about 130,000 of them were served to the right media platform where I made like $6.

I realise I can’t expect that high CPM for left over inventory but want to get the most I can… can anyone help with any suggestions?

I think I’ve tried udnerdog, antventure and advertising.com in the past and all epic fails.

Did you try defaulting the last chain to adsense ? That might give you better results than the Yieldmanager networks. Also, for 130k you might want to try Xtendmedia. They’re a YM network but they have decent CPMs now and then…

Thanks Ash. I’ll look into your suggestions.

I have a wrestling website, which historically perform really poorly with CPC networks, therefore I do use Ad Sense as part of my last chain, but the cpm fluctuates from $0.01 on a very bad to $0.20 on a good day.

i can believ how you can make only $6 with 130k, that’s really out of the ordinary, you should keep split testing all sorts of media until you find the ones that work.

True, but I get a lot of impressions due to my content, so those 100k+ remaining aren’t necessarily that attractive to advertisers. I guess it’s about squeezing the most $ out of them that I can.

How about trying to look for some wrestling related CPA campaigns and putting those as your last ? Maybe you’ll get a better eCPM with them since they usually pay much more… and if you can target them to wrestling fans… all the better ?

Try with clickbooth or azoogle I’m sure they’ll have something…

Ill take a look into that. Thanks!

have you tried casale and burst?

Yep, can’t get into either unfortunately.

Give Adbrite a shot. I used their darker side BLA and it did me pretty well. Also you might want to read these companies rules, some of them don’t allow you to have other CPM competitors running on your site.

130k for 6$ isn’t as bad as some people think, but if you’re getting 500k for 6$ then something is very wrong. Some places pay a bit higher based on “quality traffic” basically North America. But yeah check out Adbrite and read the rules on your other ones.

I would not say that 6 USD for 130k is not that bad taking into consideration these are the weakest 130k from your traffic (it seems so), it means average CPM for them is almost 0.05 USD. And that is not bad for weak traffic and especially for January. It seems this January the rates are rather low.

Be careful with Adbrite - just make sure they serve you ads. I used them and actually liked their rates and suddenly they stopped serving ads without any warning - I needed to contact them to find out the reason of the issue.

I have used AdBrite ads before but their rates were awful. I stick to their full page ads with timer restrictions as they pay very well. I am trying advertising.com at the moment but they really are a lottery… some days you might be very lucky and get a $0.30 CPM and I’ll come out with $50, then the next it will be $0.01… there is definitely no consistency, but I guess anything over $250/month for those weakest impressions would be OK. Pay the server bill at least.

If your site has a number of Good Content, Then you should try Google Adsense. The Google AD Bot will also find something for you.

You can also use Amazon Affiliates and Ebay for finding related Products. Promote them into your site along with content with Nice Call to Action. It will be also profitable.

If your site gets that much of Visits. You should also try to make money by Membership Plans. Filter your visits into Returning Visitors and apply that metrics to build a great Revenue plan.
Remember the 80/20 Rule too…

130k can give more , try other ad networks

Oh yeah, have you ever tried to sell banners outright to individuals?

I wouldn’t know where to start with that… we do text advertising, but that’s as far as it goes…

It’s easy, if you have a good price point you can sell them within a day. Try posting here: forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=90

People usually ask how much traffic you get, how many of it is unique, where your traffic comes from (i.e North America). My experience with selling banners is that the same person will often purchase from you every month if the rate is right and it generates them traffic.

Edit: Be sure to specify the banner sizes that they’ll be getting, and by telling them they can have a flash banner usually can be more enticing even though not everyone will have a flash banner readily available.

If it is only waste traffic than you can use there something like www.loudmo.net if you can filter that traffic by country than I think you should make 10 times more at least.

If you have Adsense on your site long enough, then you can get advertisers directly wanting to advertise on your site via a CPM basis. You never know, you may make more this way, can’t guarantee it though.

try to signup into some betting companies affiliate programs …
Try to focus on selling real value and not just impressions …
e.g. search for wrestling t-shorts or similar products related to wrestling and try to promote them on your website