Top CPM ad networks

Anyone have a list of the top CURRENT CPM ad networks to join? I say current because a few of what use to be good and on-the-top networks are now junk. What are some of the high cpm ones that the big sites use now?

I cannot personally vouch for the other large ones, but I personally can tell you that Value Click Media is a consistent money maker, with generally good support and only a fair amount of ad maintenance is required. If your site is pulling in 500K+ visits per month, you can easily make several hundred dollars per month with it.

As for CPM rate, that can depend on 1,000 different factors. What is your target CPM for 1,000 impressions?

1- tribal fusion
2- casale media
3- valueclick media
4- burstmedia

been the best adnetworks for years

their used to be a second tier networks but not anymore, every week i’m trying a new one to see if i can find one but so far no luck

Xtendmedia is alright for a 2nd tier. They fill everything but with rates which are more like 3rd tier. But then again I think you have a longer default chain setup with the 4 of those already there :wink:

I tried them but their rates is really bad and I also noticed that they send multiple pops along with regular banners code.

i’m still looking for second tier networks

I have had bad luck with value click so far. Maybe I will give it another look. Traffic is up over 350K monthly visits.

Unfortunately these days there isn’t a lot of money in CPC or CPM, except for the network providers… Try affiliate marketing, I know its annoying but it could well be worth it.

I’ve got decent results with Tribal Fusion. They have good fill rates and end up giving good CPMs if your ad placement is good. Just started working with them but they’ve been one of the top networks for several years now…

@kenmore - I’ve never had Xtendmedia give me pop-ups unless I used their popup code. Can’t say that their ads are well screened though but that’s why they’re a 3rd tier network…

TribalFusion has been great for me. I’ve had a handful of problem ads from Burst. ValueClick may be under new management or something because it appears to be going south. I also like ContextWeb.

I’ve tried for years to get into Casale Media and they’re just not accepting new sites (it may just be my field).

Well, as far as VCM goes, you need to pay attention to what ads are being displayed on a regular basis on your site. They try to push a LOT of sub $0.10 ads, so you need to check in every couple of weeks and manually remove them from the rotation. You will notice that your earnings will go up if you are vigilant with that.

My only complaint with VCM is that their auto-filter (to weed out such cheap advertisers) does not work as advertised. Hence, having to do it manually. But, it is well worth putting in 15-20 minutes worth of effort to get your earnings up 25%-40% or so.

One of my client’s sites has seen their earnings go up a good 20% or so in the last few months, even as their traffic has slipped a bit in that same period. So, I do not think that VCM is going south.

Facebook Ads are the way to go. If you get a high CTR Facebook will reward you big time and will lower your CPC or CPM. I had my CTR to over 1% and payed less then 1 cent per click. Once you get cheap clicks it is time to switch to CPM and you can get 600 clicks or so for only $0.90! I know it’s crazy but I run some very successful campaigns with doing just this. It’s amazing.

it depends on what kind of site you run. it does not work for all of us

@SportsFan - Casale Media are definitely still accepting new sites, so don’t give up hope. You’re probably right about certain fields having sufficient inventory already though - keep trying!

I think tribal fusion and casale media would be great options for you if you have a decent amount of traffic to your site.However if you want a list then you may search on google and you will get lots of CPM networks.

The best ad networks and CPMs depend alot on the site topic and visitor engagement / response. People always talk about ValueClick as a great ad network. My experience with them has been that their CPM is descent but their fill is low. BurstMedia has done well for me, in part because they have a vertical network that matches my site demographic. Honestly, ContextWeb’s ad exchange can be a good source of high CPM ads (depending on content topic and your bid of course). I’ve heard talk about CollectiveMedia and SpecificMedia too. Any with experience working with these?

Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out the best ad networks for below the scroll ads since most of the top ad networks don’t allow their ad codes to appear there. So far I’ve found 24/7RealMedia and ContextWeb do.

Top 2

Try also directmedia and specificmedia they are hard to get in but pay well

Casale Media and ValueClick Media.

But, as many here have noted - CPM is just the easiest way to monetize, but not the most lucrative.

Some good ones worth looking into are and A lot of big blogs sell ad space through federated media ( That is a huge money maker! But it’s an invitation-only network and not for everyone. There are so many cpm networks out there. Affiliate marketing is the best way to boost income! You have more control than with an ad network.

I use vcm and casale as top tier networks.