Need a good CPM network for low impressions site (2k/day)

I’ve got a few sites in the mobile niche all search traffic that make me a little change with Adsense but I want to add some CPM to the mix for Adsense to compete with. Problem is I know most of the bigger networks like to turn their noses up at low impression sites.

Any CPM networks out there that take 2k impression sites? How about niche networks?

EDIT: no, it’s not the one in my sig lol. I just realized that’s probably the first thing people would think :smiley:

stay with adsense, you are not going to make any money with only 2k views a day

That sounds a bit backwards.

I could understand you recommending adsense as the first network. But what you’re proposing is to literally throw money away by removing the others.

It’s odd and I really don’t understand your logic. It’s like you looked at this:

I earn $1 - $2.5 from Burst, $0.7 - $1 from VCM and $3 - $9 from Adsense per day
… and said I recommend you don’t even TRY to make money with those other networks. Just throw that extra $7/day ($210/month) away.

Thanks for your advice.

However I happen to know that’s false because I’ve had sites in the past that get 2k page views per day and made far more than adsense. That’s why I’m asking the question in this thread. Because I already know there is more money to be made.

I think it is worth for you to try to run CPM ad networks in your sites.
I have a site with 2k < x < 3k page views per day and run BurstMedia, ValueClick and Adsense in that site. The scenario is to set the chaining ads as BurstMedia > VCM > Adsense.
Using this scenario I earn $1 - $2.5 from Burst, $0.7 - $1 from VCM and $3 - $9 from Adsense per day. Sweet.
Remember that different sites will earn different revenue.

have you tried using adsense as your first network?
looking at your stats, even though adsense is your third network it’s making the most amount of money for you.

that’s exactly what i was saying. if your site generate very little impressions
you better stck with adsense. cpm networks are meant for larger sites
small sites are better off with adsense.

i have a site that get 200 views a day and it’s making around $10 a day from aadsense. i will never think about using any other network yet some other sites are doing over 500k views a day and do not make much with adsense and that’s why i’m using vcm and casale media

do you mean that adsense as the only ad network running on my site? if so never tried it before. hmm sounds extraordinary great. I have to try your advice. many thanks kenmore :slight_smile:

yes only adsense but try it for a week not just for one day and see if you make more money.
please let us know how it goes

yes google ask you for a default url just incase they do not have an ad to serve you but I noticed that they never use it.

try to refresh an adsense ad 100 times and look if you can see your default banner there. i think they serve an ad for you 100% of the times.

I’ve run adsense (3 ad units) only on my website for one week and generated $15 - $20 per day. I’ve never earned such high revenue like this before. Thanks kenmore.

Since yesterday, I’ve been running/testing 3 adsense ad units and 2 burstmedia (default to VCM). Adsense generates $17+ yesterday, $3+ from Burst and around $1 from VCM.

This month I have several high CPM targeted campaigns from Burst which one of them has $11 CPM so I don’t want to lose those great CPM.

Wow, that’s really a very tempting earnings you have there… mind sharing some of your secrets?

good job! i’m glade i can help

whenever you have more than one network and you notice your third tier network is making more than your first tier, always make sure your third tier network become your first.

adbrite is also good for small sites but payout is very low like $0.70 for US traffic