Too many daily link submitted on my directory

Hi Guys, I’m experiencing quite alot of link submissions on my free directory. I Am receiving an average of 750 links per day. Is this normal and how can i approve all at once. Is there any means i can reduce the amount of links being submitted? I also have some links which are none English content and will like to stop this. Please help.

If you have a free directory, you’re going to get spammed to death. Sorry, but that’s the way it goes. One possible course of action is to make users jump through hoops, such as double opt-in or other “real-person” verification. That will weed out some/most/all of the robots, but you’ll still be stuck with the human spammers, and unfortunately there’s nothing at all you can do to stop them, because they’re unscrupulous *****s.

Yes, I agree that you’re going to get a lot of submission if you have a free directory. Not sure how you can automate it.

Does your directory have a CAPTCHA installed or something? That could help sway away bots.

I think you should only that site who have nice content and not spammer.

Yes, it’s a free directory but not all the links are free and CAPTCHA is installed and activated but i still get links coming in ad a fast parse. Today i have receieved 1000 links or more. What if i don’t approve all? I also quite some few purchases but not much as i’ll like.

Thank for your reply. yes CAPTCHA is installed but i stile have quite a lot. there must be something wrong some where. more than 1000 links from last nite alone. Could it because i recently changed the content on the website?

How much you approve is unlikely to make any difference. Spammers are unlikely to know what your approval rate is when they make a submission, although if they keep getting turned down it might slow down the rate slightly. But at the end of the day, a free (or partly free) directory is a site that is going to attract galaxy-sized quantities of spam every day, so unless you can find an automated way to filter out the cruft that you don’t want, I don’t think there’s a lot you can do.

Yes that’s right. Unfortunately spammers who are just doing submissions on a daily basis, I would say nonstop way do not understand anything about values of websites or the way links are gained, they just think of increasing quantities of the links they can get for their websites and commercial pages.

Without using scripting types of systems to slow them down, every morning as you wake up and check your email, you will encounter a situation which demands even hours to tackle with, deleting hundreds of messages which do not contain anything but useless links submissions and cheap advertisements.

I have all links now listed for sell apart from the reciprocal which is free but yet, i still receive link submitted without payment nor reciprocal link. How?

No matter how many links you receive in a day… I would suggest you to approve only those links which appear Genuine to you.
For non- English websites, create a separate category. It will speed up the process of discovering non- English websites.
Take your time, to keep your directory spam free.

If you do not approve any spam links they will stop in future. Now I have 150 daily submissions on average many of them automated I simply delete them.
For spammers on submit form I have introduced a new submit item which is not requrired but I told on the form its required so when that is empty I delete them from database.

The website has crashed twice over this weekend because of too much traffic and i fear for the worse. it looks like some one has directed traffic onto my website. can some one help identify what is happening. I have decided not to approve all the links till i find out what is happenning. The only links am approving at the moment are the links that have been sold.

Thanks you all for your kind input.

I had the same problem… What I did after 400K websites were submitted and approve, I changed over to a pay plan

ya i think you have nice and good website so that you receive link submission in bulk quantity

I have been using directoiries to generate backlinks for quite a few years now. There are good and bad, from experience good is higher PR which is definately something you should be thinking about. Why not limit new links to PR3 or higher, that would help you own site attract better quality links. By the way Google also seems to know if a directory is human edited, maybe they can tell by the quality of the links? :rolleyes:

A good way to regulate this would be to check the website content yourself to ensure they are genuine. The number you name is quite natural given that you have a free directory.

You are doing such good work for your website.You should continues without reducing directory sites.You should choose such good directory sites which have no spamming effects.

I think you should search for rules for free directories as you have mentioned you are receiving more then 700 per day. Which is huge number and if you are getting good earning from ads then it is okey and good if you dont getting earning then you can put some kind charges for your services…

i think you have nice and good website so that you receive link submission in bulk quantity

instead of captcha put a question/answer and it will keep lots of spam away