Directory Submission

Directory submission is a simply filling of your website detail in online web directory.The directory submission process involves submitting your website url along with your other detail of your website to the most appropriate category.Directory submission is the basic steps taken by marketers to improve link popularity of a website.

I dnt think there is any limit…But i think 7 to 8 keywords in a day is enough…

there is no limit…you can submit in n no.of directories…

There is no limit for submission because the submissions will not be approved at a time in all directories not they will get indexed at a same time.

Who cares? Directory submission has been largely a waste of time for at least several yrs now.

No limit dude… plus directories submissions usually take a bit to get approved so your links will be spaced out over several days anyway.

yeah i agree with you no need to worry if your submitting to much but just take a break don’t rush it all

No limit for most. I think Google has a limit of 50 though. Still, this is quite a lot and you’ll probably not get there.

You are making that up!

Google Webmaster Tools allows only 50 fetches with their fetchbot a day. Maybe I’m confused :).

I thinks you can submit at many sites, but these site are different. You can never submit your url with the same keyword in the same directory …

No limit, but if you received at a time back links in bulk amount, may be google will penalize you. So building quality back links slowly.

Actually it is good to be submitted to web directories but for some reason it is much better to go for those who have a high PR(Page Rank)…

I dnt think there is any limit…But i think 7 to 8 keywords in a day is enough…

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Moin ghouri

No limit. I submitted as much as I can find the directories. However, most of the free directories require backlinking or we pay it. I was end up seldom submit the directories because I neither give backlink nor pay for it :smiley:

Do you mean to the same directory? If so you need not do it more than one time if you ping them as well. Doing it over and over could raise flags…

If you mean to multi-directories than I suppose that is unlimited, however they do not have the link juice power they used to have (except for DMOZ).

There is no limit to submitting links on directories, but my point is why people keep submitting in 1000s of directory
Do few which are quality & high pr directories submission

Why wasting time on tons tons on directorys

Directory submission work always take time to approve your links.So there is no limit for directory submission work in a day for a single domain.But only to keep care never post your website links on low quality directories.

If you are putting a url in different directory websites having different IPs, then in my view there should not be any limit. However, some persons think that one should not put more 25 links in directory sites.

Care to share a reference or link for that. I think you are making that up and no one actually said it.