Toll Free Number Provider - 2 Numbers Needed

I am currently using for my website, but I am about to launch a second one and now I need a second toll free number.

My problem with Kall8 is that they charge for each number and then if you want any services like call announce it is additional charges. It would be $8 per month before any minutes. And their per minute rate is higher that Ringcentral and tollFreemax. Ringcentral has good reviews and looks good but I dont want to pay more than $9.99 per month right now and I am not doing their annual payment option.

Any other options or recommendations on what to do?

You can’t afford more than $8/month for two toll-free numbers? Wow.

Kall8 has the lowest monthly fees I’ve seen… though their per-minute rates aren’t that great. Ringcentral starts at $8/month for one number and that’s only if you pay annually.