Toll Free Number

I am starting a website and need an toll free number. It does not need to be a vanity number. I am going to have it forward to a cell phone number.

From what I read on that thread and others it looks like Kall8 is highly recommended. I have found a few others that look better pricing-wise and have all the same features for the most part like,, and Most of those are $24.99 for 500 minutes whereas Kall8 is $2 plus 6.9 per minute (.069 x 500) + 2 = $36.5.

I just did a search and found a few threads about Toll Free numbers, but most are at least a year old (like if not more and I wanted to get some newer reviews/opinions on this topic.

I’m very happy with TollFreeForwarding

When it comes to Small Business telco, I’m a big fan of Ring Central myself. Very easy to upgrade/ downgrade plans, add additional numbers and setup multiple boxes.

I don’t think much has changed in the industry since that earlier post you mentioned was started.

Kall8 and Ringcentral still seem to be two of the better players in the game and I just signed up for an 888 number from Kall8 myself. The feature set between those two companies seemed more or less the same but with Kall8 I’m not paying for minutes I’m not using since it’s only $2 a month and 6.9 cents a minute.


P.S. You gotta love being able to setup a new toll free number and having it in service instantly!

Anyone other opinions?

I do like the fact that with Kall8 you only pay for what you use and since my site will be new, why pay for minutes that wont be there right away.

Kall8 seems to be the cheapest. We chose Freedom Voice because they had a better reputation it seemed. They were a bit more expensive, but offered more. They have added new services as well since we started with them about three years ago and have added another toll-free number and a local fax number.

Most offer a pay as you go plan. Just make sure the number you get is yours and not the provider’s. This way, the number is yours and you can switch to another company if needed

I’ve been using Kall8 for years and have been very happy with the features. If you just need a static toll-free number without any additional features, checkout [url=]Pioneer Telephone.

It’s nice to see there isn’t a shortage of good companies out there :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve been using gotvmail for several years and have been very happy.

I know this is an old thread but it was dug out from the grave so why not put my 2 cents too.

Like what I’ve mentioned on the other thread, Onesuite Toll Free forwarding service is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest. It charges $2.95/monthly for the service plus 5c/min if you forward it to a US number and 4.4c if you forward it to Canadian number.

Its nice but this type of services have not much more changes last many years.

Also been using them (now grasshopper). Very happy with them.

I think the $2.95/monthly Toll Free fee from Onesuite fits the “affordable but not expensive” service.