Free Alternative to Toll-Free Numbers

Free Alternative to Toll-Free Numbers

In the old days it was important to have a toll-free (800) number to entice customers to call you as long distance charges created an impediment to the client picking up the phone. Today, however, most phone plans and cell phone plans include free long distance. Nobody pays tolls anymore.

Therefore, let me recommend as a free alternative to having a toll free number on your site. K7 will assign you a Seattle phone number (area code 206) for which you may record your own voice greeting (i.e. all of our customer service representatives are busy, but if you leave your name and number the next available agent will call you back.)

K7 will then forward the recorded incoming message to your email account as an audio file. The K7 service is free. I have used this system for years and found K7 to be 100% reliable.

Testimonial disclaimer: I have no knowledge about the K7 company other than what is contained on their web site. I have never communicated with anyone at K7 and I will receive nothing from them for this endorsement.

Well, if the service is better then their site you might have found something worthwhile. Google Voice might also be another option.

It doesn’t sound like it. If it’s a Seattle area code, then the caller gets charged for (in most cases) a long distance call.

What’s skype doing these days with phone numbers? I know they charge for outgoing, but do they charge for incoming?

If your alternative to Toll Free number is a local number then I am not sure how it will help your business. You might as well put your own local number there and you can answer the call without having to check your email if you have a message or not.

There are toll free number services out there and what you need to do is to know your needs and try to estimate the number of calls you will get. Look for the rates, the monthly fees and the total cost. This way you can see which toll free services is the right for you.

Onesuite has a toll free forwarding service but I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t have the need for it at the moment. It’s not free but I think the rates are competitive.

I’m getting to the point where ‘toll free’ is totally irrelevant. I don’t know anyone who pays ‘long distance fees’ anymore except maybe international.

I might give up my 800 number and just put a Google voice number. Is anyone actually impressed with toll-free these days?

The interesting thing about toll calls is that fewer and fewer people pay for them yet they remain a very highly ranked item when you survey customers on what they want to see for support. This could be because people have yet to really get that we live in a cellphone, area code free, era or because those getting help often use landlines… of course it could also be completely unrelated to cost and 800 #s resonate as a sign of a “solid company”. There have even been some research findings supporting value in having a 800# over an 866 or 877 just showing how far perception goes in influencing sales…

Like I’ve said, Toll Free helps your business to look more professional because people can reach your support anytime for help. And for personal use and if you travel and have a Toll Free number, the service forwards the call to any number (like the house or the place you are staying) you choose and you get your calls to follow you at a cheaper price versus when your caller (a family maybe) uses his/her mobile phone or landline.

So if John Doe goes to Singapore, he can put the Singaporean phone number in his settings and Jane Doe can just call his Toll Free number and still reach him. If he goes to Malaysia by next week, he can change the number to a Malaysian number and so on…

I agree. Vanity Toll Free numbers make it easy for consumers to remember and thus increasing your chance to get that sale instead from your competitor with some random toll free number.

I agree with all of the above points, but I think those benefits are fading fast.

I don’t know about elsewhere, but here in the UK there have been lots of different codes set up in the last few years, and almost no-one knows which ones are the premium rate codes, but everyone knows that an 0800 number is free from a landline, and see it as a matter of trust - the cost of the call may not be important, but it is a good sign for how the company will act, ie it is what people expect from a decent size organisation. Mobile numbers are fine for a small tradesman, but toll-free is a necessity if you want to appear professional.

hello friends i found so many service alternative but still i use google voice.I think for me its more reliable…I found so many other service providers for that but if i change the service the number can also be affected though i am not sure about that…If any know more about it then i am eager to know that…

You mean about having Vanity Toll Free numbers?

I got Google Voice too and I use it from time to time, comes handy and now I can just fire up my Gmail and call from there. But we are talking about Toll Free alternative here. I mentioned Onesuite Toll Free forwarding because it’s cheap at $2.95/month and can forward calls to any number in the world. Rates are based to what country you will be forwarding your calls.

Toll Free numbers are useful if you don’t want your callers to pay for the call. Or if you travel a lot and don’t want to miss a call.

VirtualGlobalPhone provides, if it might be help. You can google them

I got Google Voice too and I use it from time to time, comes handy and now I can just fire up my Gmail and call from there. But we are talking about Toll Free alternative here.