What's the BEST and CHEAPEST 1-800 service out there?

Here is your chance to brag or just sell us on what you think is the best 800 service out there. I’m switching from KALL 8 even though they have been good but I’m tired of people having a cheaper bill than me for the same service. Here’s how this goes, list the Company and Rates: This is ONLY for 1-800. No 877 or 866

$5 setup and $5 per month for 1-800
6.9 Per Minute

Kall8 is pretty cheap. I like Freedom Voice because of all the extra flexibility that their system offers.

Now if you are talking just a toll-free number, you might check out Vonage or something.

Kall8 is more than just an 800 number - it’s got voicemail/fax capabilities, detailed call logs, emailed messages and faxes, custom routing that can be setup based on different hours or on-the-fly, and a slew of other features.

If all you want is a typical 800 number you can get one from your phone company for about $0.03/minute and as long as you make a minimum number of calls there is no setup or monthly fees.

For small businesses, however, Kall8 offers a great service. I use it for my web development company and like how I can route the calls anywhere (like if I go out of town I can route them to my cell).

However, our e-commerce business has a traditional 800 number as we get calls on it ALL DAY and our bill is several hundred dollars a month (just the toll-free charges).

We also use Freedom Voice. Our business has really succeeded since we started using their services. Our phones can easily be answered no matter where we are

What do you mean best AND cheapest? Isn’t it 2 different things :wink:

I have no clue…lol

Basically, what is the best you have come across…

Ricky, it really depends on your needs. If you need additional features such as voicemail, advanced call distribution, faxing, etc. then you need a service like Kall8. However, if you only need a toll-free number to ring to a specific office line all the time, with no other major features, you can just call someone like Pioneer Telephone and switch your long distance and get an 800 number with them. They’re one of the cheapest long distance carrier’s we’ve found.

Try… cheapest-calling-plans

They have $10.00 setup fee, monthly fee of $2.00 and 5C/min.

I have been with them for 3 years. Very satisfied.

The site doesnt show the details of 800 plans, just shoot them an email


I just checked their site again just to make sure they hadnt changed the rates…and guess what… they have!. They have decreased the per min rate to 3.9c but have set up a monthly low minimum of $10.00.

So this plan is great f0r someone who uses 250 or so tollfree minutes per month.

Hope this helps.

Dave - are you in any way affiliated with them?

I think we know that answer to that one…

I was just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt since he’s a new member. If he posts again with that link I’ll yank the posts.