To really prevent spam in FB?

How to really prevent spam in FB?

I meant to report spam on the FB is not effective or too slow.

Any Idea?


Delete the post, ban the user from your page. Both can be done with the feature on each post.

All things said, we certainly see spam come in on a daily basis but with a good response time it’s really never been that high volume [on pages with significant following] to the point where our team couldn’t get them. Stay on top of things and they move on.

I could do it.
However, it may not prevent problems.
It’s probably just a way to solve the problem.



First off do not add or request just about anyone in your list of FB friends/contacts. Do not just “LIKE” any FB page unless you really like to receive post and updates from them. Choose quality over quantity connections. :slight_smile:

Most of the spams you will get are from your distant friends/connections, pages and other applications/pages you may have subscribed or from your inner connections as well but if that happens click on the button {you will see this on the upper right portion of each post when you hover along the post}. Clicking the will give you options whether to “hide post”, “hide all post” and “report post or spam” from that particular sender. Clicking the “report post or spam” the moment you see the post will automatically alert FB of the post. To stop getting spam messages from the sender you can permanently delete him as your friend on your FB account settings or block temporarily using your privacy settings on FB.

Smb is using my Facebook account and sharing porno. I wasa very angry. Because my friends are sending messages to stop sharing porno. I have tried all the options Goodpoint suggested but they don’t help. What can I do?

Contact Facebook Support and tell them your account has been compromised.

Thank you. I will try to contact them this evening:)

To counter this, the site has introduced a new feature wherein you are required to click on “continue” before proceeding to third party sites which likely contain spam. This feature of Facebook allows users to think before proceeding and is a good way to prevent spam from flooding one’s profile.