Facebook spamming

Lately i’ve been receiving a lot of commercials on my Facebook account. Do you know how can i get rid of it and if there is someting to be done, to be selected to avoid in the future spaming on my page?

Dear Forumites,
I followed the thread and most of it is related to a personal profile page.
What if I’m managing an organization’s page and haven’t got time to keep an eye on these spammers?
I know once I notice them - I report/block them but is there a way to prevent them from posting in the first place? Probably not.

You’ve got to clearly distinct between a true spamming and facebook ads. You should not report these commercials that facebook places on your page as spam. However, you should report messages from other facebook users that you think are spam.

Yes there is. If you feel something spam either in the events or in friends request you can report spam and also mention the reason for reporting it to SPAM.

really i didnt know any thing like that existed for facebook
i have not tried it but i think facebook will infact wont allow user do that as ad is major source of revenue for them.(for eg some sites donot run if javascript is turned off-though they can operate with it)

If lots of user starts doing so(getting rid of ads) then advertisers will stop advertising in facebook which will create problems for facebook…

There was even news somewhere that facebook was planning to charge people around 3.5$ per month for using facebook as facebook was not generating enough through ads…
i excatly dont know that ‘status’ of that plan as facebook has long road map of their future tasks(which sometimes do change out of nowhere-for eg now they are saying tab of user profile will vanish soon…after profile boxes…)…
but i think that plan to take money fee from users is abondened now…

but unless facebook brings some drastic changes in their earning model, i think there may not be easy way to get rid of ads…
i somewhere read that facebook has more than 10,000 servers…they also need to pay for it…:smiley:

It’s not new since Facebook became the most powerful social networking site in this generation. They use this in marketing their products.

Hmmmm… are they spam? Or are they advertisements? There is a difference…

Take it easy cbp, this person is trying to ask help. Okay, Alexa if you’re annoyed of those people sending you commercials in facebook and it’s really annoying, simply go to the page of the advertisement then look at the word Report Page at the down left part of the page. Click it, and then you can see a drop down box, select spam then click the box which says I have reviewed statement…etc. then click “submit”. That particular advertisement will be reported as a spam and it won’t go back to your page in the future. Okay? I hope this helps.

If you’re getting lots of advertisements (as provided by Facebook) you could just install a plug-in like AdBlock Plus to clear them unobtrusively.

If you’re getting spam from others, you should be able to turn off where you get messages from in your Facebook privacy settings.

Simple! :slight_smile:

Spam accounts are automatically deleted and disabled by facebook admin.

Hey thanks for letting this know as, I was too finding it really difficult and I want to get rid of more ads.

I will do as you mention here and let you know.

Care to explain how they get my email address from my IP address? Do you have any idea what this thread is about?

Is there any reporting button for those who spam at Facebook?

there some ads space in FB interface but its kinda located in a certain place very well…unlike other sites who just keeps on popping up and that…

When you visit certain websites, your IP address can be recorded on their database. These guys might be tracking anything from your IP address with their technology, which is why they can send you spam email, even without your knowledge. To prevent this, you can use mask IP to prevent others from finding your IP address every time you access something. Try to read stuff about anonymous surfing to help you solve your problem.

There are around 350 users that are using facebook and you can easily calculate the amount of spammers. And the easiest way of doing this is through application a way to the profile settings.

I have found some ways that can be helpful to avoid spam and that is:

Do not install any application that is not needed for eg-comment photo app.

Do not accept friend requests from those people you dont know and not having any common friends that you know.

These are some things that are beneficial and really helpful.

I have seen allot spamming on facebook which simply let down the ROI. According to me it is important for us and specially for the people who are first time stepping in to social networking that they should be very honest and should not interact with the people there in a way of promoting any thing. Otherwise, you will not get any positive response from the people there.


Really? Whoever would have thought it would be that popular…

Do not accept friend requests from those people you dont know and not having any common friends that you know.

Anyone who needs to be told that should not be using Facebook, or any other part of the internet…

Facebook is famous, almost every people is using it so they are taking advantage of the popularity of facebook to sell their products or ideas. You can remove them on your contact list or unlike their facebook business pages. You could also block them to stop receiving messages, there are some events that are posted on facebook which users considers spam.

How much are you paying Facebook for your account?
Don’t you think that it is their prerogative to serve up adverts to you to maintain the service?