Can I message All My Facebook Friends At Once?

I have over 2k friends in facebook and i would like to send them all a message, is there an easy way to message all of them at once or do i have to do it one at a time?

Also if i send the same message to all my friends do i risk getting my facebook account banned?

I don’t know if I’d do all of them at once but maybe you could Cc: or Bcc: in batches (maybe 50 would be OK?).

As for getting banned, I imagine that depends on if it’s SPAM and anyone reports it. But it might be a good idea to look at the TOS or even ask in the support forums just to be safe.

Although IMHO it would be best to just post the message as a status update and let them see it that way.

let’s read TOS facebook :D:D:D

thanks for comenting on my thread i will look for that

Well, when you post a message or link on your wall it can viewed by all your friends. Bu if you want to sen message trhough send message option then i do not think this type of option available till now.

I guess you are trying to Spam…that will not be nice thing to do with facebook.any user who get this mail may complain to facebook.An other option might be to create a community and ask your friend to join them, then you can send an announcement to all your group members…

I suggest you create your own group in facebook, that method can send one message to all your friends, but u must invite them first into you fb group

Yes, Sometimes in order to message you friends who are more then this becomes a problem, you can possibly try one of the methods shared here in this forum where in you can add cc, bcc to your friends and send them the messages :slight_smile:

There are software out there for almost anything. But you should know that many of these social networks have toughen their rules and you may be banned. You should read the TOS.

Facebook Fan Pages allow you to message members via updates and Facebook Groups allow you to message via PMs.

Another method is that you could create a Group and send out a bulk invite to all of your friends to Join the group and then put whatever you want to market within the Group page.