Stolen Identity Delimma on Facebook, is there anyway to halt this?

Guys, I have a friend who is on the verge of depression collapse
after learning that his FB account was hacked worse is
another account was created that pretended to be him.

This account started adding his friends and posted libelous
content, foul languages and the criminal started sending
friends messages that contains explicit content.

I pity him but it seems FB can’t be reached on this.

How can we contact FB so that the account can be shutdown

Cybercrime must not be tolerated.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

All you can do is contact Facebook support. Every page has a report this page for abuse button. Click the page name and there is a button on the user’s home page. One of the choices is report/block. Click it and report it.

Yes, I agree with Shyflower. You may not be able to do much about someone impersonating another person, but once explicit content and the like is posted, the account is likely to be banned if you report it, meaning that the problem is solved (hopefully!) I’ve found that Twitter is very good about banning accounts like this, so hopefully FB is too, though I’ve never had to do this on FB—so far.

We did several times, blocking the account reporting it but still no actions. There was an international group who protested about facebook’s
lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT. they are earning Billions yet they don’t care about there members. There reply was “Our service is for free”
lackluster answer.

Lots of Members in FB has fallen prey on this so called Cyber bullies who does nothing but malign a person. I think FB has to do something about this.
FB should be a place for peaceful networking and harmony not a place to Bully and Malign people. I pity my friend.

Reputations can easily be destroyed in a massive scale now a days. ONLINE. I suggest FB has to have the similar structure of what SITEPOINT is doing.
some sort of regulation or moderators so if a complaint has been made actions takes place. SITEPOINT Rocks!

Since this hasn’t been resolved it’s clear Facebook could do better but from what I know from visiting their ad teams there is a large moderation & abuse team in place that deals with all sorts of issues like this… But at over 1 billion users large is not necessarily large enough or quick enough.

Depending on how long you have been waiting you may want to hop over to LinkedIn and search out a few contact names to send this too directly.

Also, Facebook has a great deal of automation in place thus if more people are reporting a page [for honest reasons] it would stand to reason that the system would be more likely to flag it on its own.

The account is hacked and i can not understand that after these kind of things happened and facebook has not banned this account. You should go to facebook’s help section and tell your issue in Report an Issue section.

whatever he posts, either image or text do report all his stuff to FB admin. Contact FB support by writing a mail stated that FB should asked him for an identity to verify the account.

Okay, I think enough of us have told him to report it to Facebook Report. If you have anything new to add or any other suggestions, post them. Otherwise ENOUGH SAID.

Facebook hacking has been problem for many.
One Solution to your problem I have seen is that maybe you can contact your ISP or any other ISP to find out the IP address of the imposter. And, using the IP address you can find the location of the user in map. You might want to report to/take help from your local Police Station.