Spam X Spam =comments

Since I started my blog <snip/> I’m suffering too much of comments I can’t distinguish between real comments and spam comments and that happened after I publish my post immediately.How can I get rid of that,please?
I appropriate your help all.

Personally, I’d say if you don’t understand the comment, or if it ads nothing to the discussion, just delete it. But there’s no way around the fact that moderation is a lot of work, and you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth allowing comments. :frowning:

What anti-spam measures are you using already? Most blogging platforms have countermeasures against spam built in. Alternatively there are usually third party offerings for Commenting systems which may control spam better than the default.

There is no easy way around spam outside of moderating, however you can use computers to do a good job of identifying potential spam and allowing you to trash a lot in one hit and deal with those comments that walk the line.

Are you forcing all users to login to be able to post comments?

Are all comments pre-moderated? In other words, do you have to approve comments before they appear, or do they all get posted and then you go through and delete the rubbish afterwards? Pre-moderated means more work up front, but your site won’t get a reputation as accepting spam comments. Simple steps like disallowing any URL/link can be a good way to cut down on spam.