Titanic vs Avatar

Both are speechless movies. Now the news is Titanic is going to be released in 3-D. James Cameron makes confusion. Which one is going to be superior. What is your thinking?

Avatar was filmed in 3D (using multiple cameras), whereas Titanic was filmed in 2D and is now edited to be shown in 3D. James Cameron argues (and I agree) that the result of 2D => 3D will never be as good as when you filmed all of it in 3D from the start.

So in terms of superiority for the film quality I’d have to go with Avatar.

In terms of superiority for the film it self it’s comparing apples with oranges; both films are pretty good in their own right, but none is superior over the other.

I think AVATAR will stand out.

I’m hoping that there is another release of Avatar at some point in the future with all the deleted scenes fully rendered and inserted into the appropriate places.

On a related note I saw a thing in the news the other day that the real Titanic has got about 50 years tops before it’s gone because of all the bacteria eating away at the iron.

Hmmm… Fairy tales about human love. I think some should see movies like Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Im Juli, Kray.

For me Titanic vs. Avatar sounds like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

i dont think human feelings can be well narrated using 3D technology…so probably avatar will stand out as far as 3D movie is concerned.

I doubt Titanic can do well in 3D. Maybe in the scenes where the ship sinks…

i will go with titanic

I’m not interested to watch Titanic in 3D because there’s minor special effects on it, and it’s also a serious movie. The only good scene to watch in 3D format is the sinking of the boat. My choice is Avatar!