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Before I went though such online discussions I was confused which 3D TV to go for. But now I realise that the one with FPR technology is simply great. more suggestion

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In any case, if you want a good size with a 3d tv, you might like the Sony - KDL-55HX729 - 55". It’s not cheap, but a good “3D” tv isn’t going to be

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In all of my years of buying televisions, its usually the most expensive ones that are best. It sounds dumb, but its usually true lol You should also go to Harvey Norman and ask them for a quick overview of the best 3D TV features. I personally don’t like the idea of 3D TVs, wearing 3D glasses is very annoying. I prefer good old fashioned 2D (like its always been) lol

I can’t remember where I read this, but in the UK and the rest of Europe the adoption rate of 3D movies and technology has been awful, to the point where cinemas and broadcasters are likely to seriously reconsider offering 3D if usage doesn’t skyrocket by this time next year.

There’s no way I’m going to buy one in such a climate.

If you go For 3D tv.Then chose samsung 3d smart Tv…

Hang fire on buying one. If money is no option and you want a more immersive experience then Samsung and LG are testing lenticular filters and parallax barriers which remove the need for glasses.
The issue is they have to add these filters or barriers pixel for pixel.
Historically by adding these innovations resulted in diminishing the content which wasn’t 3D so your standard programs would be darker and less distinctive which flies in the face of the term HD.
With the 3D market still in its early stages the race to produce a glasses free system is driving new innovations and the problems have somewhat been solved by using intermittent LED and LCD interfaces which work when in 3D or in standard HD. Most brands will try and shift the glasses tech now before launching the new grade systems however with Apple, Samsung and LG using Retina displays the resolution is increased beyond the standard 1080p HD.
Which means the delay may be reduced and new lenticular and [URL=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallax_barrier”]parallax barrier TV’s could come online as early as mid-April 2013 if not sooner.

The 3D tv technology appears to be changing extremely rapidly.

I was reading an article last year about a new version of 3D that should be available in a couple more years that uses 16 projectors to project a true 3d image into the centre of the room - so you can walk around it to see what it looks like from different angles.

Hello Friends,
Now a days 3D TV are also been launch developing equipment that permits consumers to appreciate three-dimensional movies, television databases and video games in their homes. There are well known 3D TV such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips and LG etc.

I thing play 3d movie on PC is better than buying a 3d TV. Now there are some 3d channel telecasting online. So there are no problem then.

3D technology is best today. 3D is smart TV. LG 3D technology give to the best picture quality.

yeah it the best best technology