Avatar J.C movie

Finaly I was there… 1 day here in Italy… just back from the movie theatre… Avatar is indeed the best sci-fi movie I saw in the recent years… it will not let you down 1 second.

Nice story…
Nice special effects…
Nice actions…
Good message political and ecological…
3D is a plus but will be great movie also in 2d…

There was a standing ovation when ended!
I do hope will help people to think where we all we human are going.

It was Pocahontas with blue people, the story wasn’t that inspired. The special effects / 3D filming and CGI are what made it.

Ther story is nothing new of course… in Italy we said that after the Bibble, Iliad, and Odyssey… NO STORY has been completely invented by human kind.

the effects are pretty good, but the plot is boring.

Avatar is a good movie

whatever but its put you in another world when you watching it in theater
story may not be new, but the artificial location, graphic, and specially GIANT tree, all that is creative, even you wont find anything as similar to planet WORLD

It’s even been done in blue – 11 million people have seen the World Tree concept in a blue world as Night Elves in World of Warcraft.

I haven’t watched the movie. It has been so promoted that doesn’t appeal to me :frowning:

The other thing that holds me back is rthat it was directed by Cameron. All of his movies were good but I wouldn’t say that any of them would become one of my favourites. As an example, I went to the cinema to watch Titanic and the movie was Ok but what I really liked was the documentary showing all their investigation. I could have left the rest of the movie for some other moment… I’ll watch it though. I guess that the special effects will make it worth it.

I love the movie i think its almost 12 times i watched it again and again in 3D IMAX the ticket cost a lot but its worth it also.

i watched movie in 3D, its a colourfull gift to eyes… i could see 64k colours…

I do wanna go see it, but the Fianceé isn’t that fussed.

What made me want to see it was some analysis a guy did which basically said, the ‘blue’ people are the planet/environment and humans, are of course, humans. Sort of an analogy of the way we are with the planet, our history and bla bla… made a compelling argument but I don’t expect anything but the standard hollywood candy-veneer. It’s what you want to make of it.

the movie is amazing! the plot is pretty average and cheesy at points, but the whole visual package is like none other! the plot tends to be less annoying when you watch it the second time around since you already know what’s going to happen.

this film being famous in my count either. my idea is, because it’s famous, people go and watch it, then it again become famous. like viral

‘Nice story…’ true
‘Nice special effects…’ so true
‘Nice actions…’ true
‘Good message political and ecological…’ I’m not so sure
‘3D is a plus but will be great movie also in 2d…’ agreed

I would like to watch it again on 3D.