What is your favourite hollywood film

Hello i have seen film cast away approximately 20 times this very good film what is your favorite film.

My favorite hollywood film is Titanic for all the time.

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Spartacus Bloody Sand is very impressive !

my favourit flims is prince of persia

My favorite Hollywood movie is ‘Troy’

Alice in wonderland is great !

I like lord of the rings. I like it’s colossal war.
I also like harry potter, because the fantasy is cool.

My favorite Hollywood film is “baby’s day out.”

I Fav. Movies Is Iron Man 2,prince of persia, the a-team

Will Smith’s movies are great !

For the record, when not “on location”, it’s shot in Pinewood (UK).

Can’t believe some of the selections here. Ferris Buellers Day Off would have to be high on my list. Stand by Me also. In recent years, some of the animation stuff has really been the cream of the crop - I thought finding Nemo (and even Wall-e) were outstanding movies in their own right. But film isn’t limited to Hollyplastic. Check out “Veer Zaara” for a great love story, or “The Beautiful Boxer” or "La Vita è bella" for a taste of something Hollywood will never produce…

Hello, my favorite film is “SAW-4”:slight_smile:

My fav. is “Face off”

Batman and Batman Begins.

My favorite Hollywood film is Titanic. This movie is very interesting to see. The ship, the characters , etc are nice to see. The sinking of the ship is well pictured in this movie.

My favorite hollywood movie is also titanic. It’s the only movie that makes me cry, thrilled and happy at the same time.

Saving Private Ryan comes to mind…

2012 is my favorite movie.I watched it three times.This movie is awesome and it’s soundtracks is really excellent.I like “It’s Not The End of The World” track very much.:slight_smile:

I love watching movies. But one of my favorite is transformer :smiley: I love their effects :smiley: