3D DVD/Blueray On Computers

I’ve been thinking of getting Avatar in 3D but don’t know for sure if I would need any different equipment (blueray drive, new dvd playing software, etc). From looking around it looks like I might need just the special glasses but can anyone confirm that’s the case. If I need to get a 3D TV then I won’t bother getting 3D films as 3D TVs are very expensive atm (well at least in the UK).

Each 3D TV have their own different version of the 3D glasses - presumably the polarisations are at different angles for each. So which 3D glasses you need depends on which 3D tv you have.

My understanding is that the various 3D tvs can only receive the 3D version of the picture from a bluray disk when it is being played from a 3D bluray player. I am not sure if a 3D bluray will play in a regular bluray player but if so it would only output a regular 2D picture at best.