This Week in JavaScript - 8 June 2015

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Reading material

Material Design: Why the Floating Action Button is bad UX design - They may seem to provide good UX, but overall may be detrimental your app.
The Art of Hiring Great Javascript Developers - How to raise your standards when it comes to recruitment.
Using Firefox Developer Edition For Web Development - A guide through the easy accessibility to a wide array of developer tools, which help in making debugging easy - and learn through play with Power Surge.

Learning more

7 Essential JavaScript Functions - these are the functions that you should have in their arsenal for performance and ease.
Introduction to ES6 Promises – The four functions you need to avoid callback hell.
How necessary are var, let, and const? - An experiment where we see how much code and accidental complexity is added when features are replaced.

JSConf Budapest

Invisible Code by Martin Kleppe - A closer look, and a guide on how to write Invisible Code.
What if the user was a function? by Andre Staltz at JSConf Budapest 2015
Classes are Expressions (and why that matters) - A guide to using encapsulation and symbols for private instance variables.
Asynchronous JavaScript at Netflix by Matthew Podwysowski at JSConf Budapest 2015 - on how everything is streams and how to effectively handle them.


Lazy Arrays - A module that lets you use lazy arrays in a similar manner to Clojure.
Array-future - A collection of Array prototypes prollyfills as proposition for ECMAScript 7.
Vectorious - An introduction to a generalized n-dimensional matrix and vector library in JavaScript.
Clusterize - Display large data sets easily
ItemSlide - A simple and beautiful touch carousel.
Animating SVG with GSAP - smooth out the rough spots and harmonizes behavior across browsers.
Color Extraction Effect - Using filters and vibrant.js to retrieve color information about an image.


Hapi: The Good Parts - An outline of its features, and examples on how they can be used.
Create a Simple Shopping Cart Using AngularJS - Part 1 of an ongoing series.
15 Directives to Extend Your Angular.js Apps - Extend your applications to help give them a new look and feel without writing any of the hard code yourself.
10 Resources to Get You Started with ReactJS - React is a quickly evolving library, so here are some tutorials and resources to get you started.
Is ReactJS really fast? - The demos may not be as representative as they want you to think.
An overview of Javascript reactive frameworks]( - The current state of the various DOM virtualising webframeworks that are currently around.
I have chosen the wrong JS framework, now what? - This occurs often but can be avoided by educating yourself on techniques to check that your framework has what you need.


JavaScript Code Smells - Have you ever felt that while your code works, it doesn’t feel quite right… maybe even smells?
My Setup For Testing JS With Jasmine, Karma & Phantomjs And BrowserStack (angularjs) - easily write tests, write the code, run the tests and making sure the process automates what’s needs to be done when any of the code or environment change.
Improving JavaScript code quality with SonarQube - An open-source platform for code quality check to let you control the quality and find potential bugs.
Tools To Notify You When Dependencies Update - keeping things up to date on your own terms lets you test accordingly, so here’s how to know when a new version of a dependency has been released.

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