This Week in JavaScript - 26 October 2015

Hello and welcome to This Week in JavaScript, our lovingly curated collection of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

This week we’ve seen a lot on how we’ve reached 21-Oct-2015 from Back to the Future, and it’s great to see that the self-tying shoes have been demoed to Michael J. Fox. Also this week we’ve seen the latest Star Wars trailer, but what impresses me more is the behind-the-scenes involvement of Simon Pegg.

And now for this week’s JavaScript finds …

Getting started

Learning more


  • The struggles of publishing a JavaScript library - Why it’s not as simple as only supporting npm and CommonJS.
  • TextSurface - A little animation framework which could help you to show message in a nice looking way.
  • Comic - Cartoon style drawing for HTML5 Canvas & Raphael.js & D3.js & SVG.js.
  • Promise-latest - Prevent out-of-order results from a promise returning function.
  • ObjectModel - Runtime Type Checking and Data Model Definition for JavaScript

ES6 and beyond

  • Why is there a “temporal dead zone” in ES6? - This occurs when accessing a let or const variable before its declaration.
  • The ES6 conundrum (video) - Using it results in compatibiltiy problems, yet transpiling doesn’t help us to use it more.
  • Arrow this - How arrow functions interact with the this keyword and arguments object.
  • Lazy, composable, and modular JavaScript - How we can use iterables, generators, fat arrows, and for-of – in conjunction with higher-order functions, function composition, and lazy evaluation, to write cleaner and more modular JavaScript.
  • Rollup - A next-generation JavaScript module bundler. Author your app or library using ES2015 modules, then efficiently bundle them up into a single file for use in browsers and Node.js.
  • ECMAScript 6 destructuring gotcha - Recently, I’ve seen an uptick in the reporting of a specific type of error as it relates to destructuring assignment. Here’s an understanding of the problem.
  • Influences on ECMAScript 6 - A list of ECMAScript 6 features and what their influences were.
  • Call constructor proposal - A proposal to improve the way that classes are created.
  • JavaScript goes asynchronous (and it’s awesome) - A rundown on callbacks, promises, and how they’re leading us to a better asynchronous architecture.




A dose of strangeness

  • Chicken chicken chicken - Be sure to catch the inspirational video too.
  • GOTOs in JavaScript are now possible - JavaScript can transpile from other languages, yet it doesn’t have operator that could be used when generating direct jumps. The solution - implement our own extension with the most EVIL feature ever!
  • Project Flux - Confidential time-travel plans from Google.

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gotos are not the most evil feature - alter gotos are way more evil because you can’t even see from the code where the goto will take you as that is being set from elsewhere.

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Quiet week huh?

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Well you know how it goes. You add a few that come in the morning, then a few later on in the day, and before you know it you’re issuing a daily broadsheet out to the masses.

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