Thematic custom post headers


How can I add a different header image to each post using Thematic?
I love the look of a big bold image but I can’t achieve that ‘look’
with an image within the post. I could achieve it if it’s placed within
the header area.

Thanks for any help!!!


This one’s a little tricky, because your header is outside the Loop, so you won’t have access to post-specific information. Off the top of my head, I’d probably output the big image first in the post (before any title or meta-data) and then use CSS to ensure it’s positioned at the top of the page. You probably still want some consistent branding for your site, so that header stuff will still sit above the post image, right?

There’s probably another way of doing it, I just can’t think of it right now.

So many things to learn that I had a complete brain overload and didn’t see the obvious! Of course!! Custom fields are the perfect solution… Exactly the effect i wanted!!
Thanks so much for that, Louis!!!

Sitepoint is definitely the Beas Knees!!

Thanks again!!!