Display set images for custom header

Howdy all.
created a custom template. It has his own custom header called in like so:

 * Template Name: freeContent
 * @package agileart
get_header('iwai'); ?>

and of course it is calling in header-iwai.php.
It works. so far so good.
But how can i have it also call in specific header images from the media library as a regular header would?

I’m curious how a regular header calls in an image from the image gallery? Are you referring to when you use the customizer?


Have you looked here?


Hi Brian, sorry been side tracked.

There are multiple ways to put an header in the the image. Currently I am using the admin panel, with the option of showing a diff image whenever the user reloads. See image.

However I have also created one custom/header/template/footer (and am planning on adding a few more) for an entirely separate page that would have a diff look/feel and would like to be able to use the same panel but select diff images for it.
So while the link you gave me was quite valid. It makes no use of the admin panel. Thank you though.

however I can stll use the link you sent if I can’t find another way :slight_smile:
so thx!

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