Images as a Header

I’ m really new to WP and I’m getting confused trying to make a info/landing page for my shopping cart and forums.
What I’m trying to do is replace the Text with a Image in the header but I dont know the function that the information is calling from…
Can anyone take a look and help me with some instruction of what to replace?
heres the WP Install;

Please refer to this tutorial of designing headers in WordPres -

Yeah, thanks, I’ve read it, but I dont understand it and cant find the specific string that it refers to…

Thats why I came here asking for help

Is Anyone else able to explain it to me?

I’m not sure I understand the question either. By [quote=“Turtleman49, post:1, topic:213789”]
replace the Text with a Image in the header
[/quote]are you referring to the h1 “RSI Growers”?

That has a class of site-title, which you could target.

If you want to include the text in <h4 class="site-description"> as well, you’d need to target the containing div, <div id="brand">.

Correct… its the text in h1… but when I look at the source its a php call function but in the header file I see 2 ones and dont (or havent) been able to replace the function to a image

Can’t you try amending your CSS to drop an image in the background of your header block? Something like

#masthead {
  background-image: url("images/banner.jpg");

The text itself should be available to change in the back-office side of WP, and will be a string held in the database somewhere.

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