Positioning "Header" image in Wordpress 2016 Theme to replace existing text of site name

I’m trying to replace the text at the top of the 2016 Wordpress theme with an image on this website http://gorefire.com. I thought the “Header Image” area under the “Customize” tab in the Theme section of the Wordpress admin area would take care of this. Instead, it places it under the menu. How can I position the header image above the menu and replace the existing text “GoRefire.com – Paul Carter’s Blog Don’t Retire. Refire! Aging from a new and different perspective?”

Go to Customize > Site Identity and Turn off the Site Title and Tagline and add a logo. You might have to fiddle a bit with the CSS to adjust the allowable size of the ‘logo’ image though.

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Thanks WebMachine. This works fine. I will need to fiddle with the CSS to adjust the allowable image size. Where exactly do I do this in the CSS?

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