Same Header Image

Hello, I keep getting the same header image everytime I create a new
page in Wordpress.

Where do I go in my admin to change the image? its not in the pages option
the sidebar.

Which WordPress theme are you using? Often the themes will have a feature where you can customize what image you use for the header.

Theme called SunChild and TwentyTen

Sorry, @csosa. Is SunChild a premium theme, or one of the free themes in the WordPress repository? I can’t seem to find it to take a look at it.

Not sure it looks like this:

Where did you get the theme, and how old is it? I also can’t find any trace of it, or DGOWorks (apart from an expired domain).

not sure I dont have any info from the previous developer, but I know its two years old.

Do you an idea of how I can change the image without knowing the theme? like where
would I go in my dashboard to edit these?

Because it seems to being copying the same header image everytime I make a new page.

If this is the main site header, that is to be expected. Most sites retain the same look in the header from page to page. If it is an image for the specific post or page, that is a different matter. We would need to see the source code for your site - could you post the link?


that is the page I want to change the image of

were you able to find the cause?

There is an empty div in the header with a class of dgo-page-bg which has the following background image:

.dgo-page-bg {
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) url("images/home-roof-thermal.jpg") no-repeat scroll center top;
    height: 440px;

Try adding this to your css:

.page-id-410 .dgo-page-bg {
      background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) url("URL of desired image") no-repeat scroll center top;

Upload the image you want to use to your media library, and replace the “images/home-roof-thermal.jpg” with the URL of the image you want. Because you are using a more specific css rule, it should overrule the one that is loading the picture you don’t want.

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