The ultimate directory script?


If money were no option what would be your choice for the ultimate directory script?

I’ve been looking at - but is there anything better out there than this?


I’m interested in this question as well.

I’m looking at launching a local directory for the city in which I live in. I’ve looked at edirectory, directorypress (wordpress theme), and geoplaces (wordpress theme).

Both directorypress and geoplaces loook like strong candidates.

My other question for those out there are:

  • Are online city directories already “overplayed”? Has anyone actually made good income from these or is it a waste of time given their is google, yelp and others at a more “global” scale?

I personally think global review/rating sites are weak mainly due to the clientele. It’s so large, they’re less in tune with local events, businesses, etc. I think a directory focused on a single market is a cliche especially when there isn’t any local competition. Any thoughts on this?

i surfed the site and it looks decent enough to me . i think you should buy the script from here

We offer such a script. You might want to check to see if edirectoy is encrypted and how much you would depend on them for customization. while their price is high they do seem to offer a good product. You might also want to investigate how You could invest this money toward customizing another script.

PHP Link Directory, PHP My Directory, and eSyndicate are all good options as well.

I’d say it’s between eSyndicat and eDirectory. Personally I’d say eDirectory if money is so issue. It seems a better script all in all.

I purchased the product/script and spent thousands of dollars customizing their solution. edirectory is very enticing in the beginning because it looks like it can do the job, but there are many limitations and you will spend thousands of dollars and many months trying to launch your site.

They make their money by farming out the customization work to the Philippines and customers have to wait patiently to receive spotty work. Also note that if you do decide to customize your template/theme, you will not be able to upgrade to their latest release. And, yes you will have to pay $$$ or so to upgrade again.

If I had to do it over again, I would get a simple script and spend the $$$$ in filling in the content. In the end, customers do not really care about the wrapping but what is inside the package.

Last bit of advice… google the words ‘edirectory complaints’ and you will see many upset customers.

Good luck,

The Fuzer

I’ve only seen a couple of people that have purchased their script. One person approached us and basically wanted us to duplicate the features of their script through customization rather than pay the big up front cost. I did not realize they didn’t do the programming in house, but I suppose that is pretty common these days. What you don’t always know when you start out is the effectiveness of their team. It sounds like their template coding and base code are not easy to update separately, but I have never tried their script myself.