Your suggestions on classified scripts


I’d like to receive some advices on a classified script for my new site.

Reading this forum and doing researches on the internet, I have selected the following classified ads php scripts:

Esvon Classified
expensive if you choose many additional modules (while other products include them in the standard package), but seems to include almost everything needed for my site, so I can save on programming cost for customizations.

Looking at theirs testimonial page, I can easily find big sites using this script with hundred of thousand of ad

The admin section is very intuitive and organized.

I doesn’t seems any more under active development, even thought minor updates are released even this year.

Documentation is sparse and almost absent.

very popular, his admin interface is not very intuitive but documentation is comprehensive and the product is under development.

a costly product, I have not really investigated on this but it seems a polular solution, existing from many years and under development.

this product seems very young, but well structured, their admin interface is very well made (probably based on ExtJs) documentation is absent.

The product seems under active development and according to the forum version 4 is to be expected in a few months.

Like I said, I’m oriented toward Esvon solution, but I wonder if there is a similar or superior solution, maybe less pricey.

The fact that some big sites have chosen Esvon classified, make me believe their code is optimized to handle heavy loads, but only site owner cha tell more on this.

Hope someone can shed some light and help me choose.


I think e directory is a better option but i think geo one is good for customized solution.

I know eDirectory and Esvon have been around for a while so I’m thinking they may be decent solutions, but the best I’ve seen lately is Classipress which is a classified theme for wordpress and looks like it can put together a very nice site very quickly and for little money.

I’m debating using it for a business directory myself and it seems to be reviewed rather well, but you should start with a list of the features you want/need in a classified site and compare the options out there.


I bought classipress. Low cost and the forums provide very good support. And I do like the interface. But… when you purchase a product that relies on another product for the base code there are concerns. Example, I really wanted to gather more information on registration than CP provides. All the registration plugins don’t work on the latest version of wordpress. So if you pay someone to hack your code and they release a new version of cp that has features you want or need there is a good chance your code hacks won’t work any longer. If the current version meets your need then it may work for you. At least if you can find some classified script that works… (big if) that the code was developed for that script, then one could assume it shoud continue to work, even with updates??
Just my thoughts

Just thought I 'd provide some additional prelimary thoughts on Geodesic & Esvon… so far…
I have trial versions of both currently and are testing them. So far, I like the GEO based on the info below. Although interestingly enough, I can find very few (3 or 4) reviews on the geodesic software. Makes me wonder if anyone is actually using it?

1- They provide a pre loaded, two week fully functional demo. The up side is you are up and testing in no time. The down side you can’t tell how difficult the script is to load and configure, and are you getting the same script you get to demo? Plus you have to recreate all the information you configured in the trial.
2- Very easy to configure categories, registration requirements and such. Very intuitive in my opinion.
3- Support and answers to questions only available m-f 9-5. If it all works may not be an issue.
4- All the required registration fields are visible at the time of registration. Esvon handles it differently.

1- They provide you the code to upload and configure and test for 30 days. If you purchase, you enter the code and you are set. So the software you test is what you buy so you know it is exactly what you tested. Also, you don’t lose any configurations you made during your trial.
2- I still have not figured out to add a category. Not very intuitive.
3- I don’t like how the registration is handled. The user just submits an email. Then they follow the link in the confirmation email and are presented with the additional registration fields. You could end up with uncompleted registrations if they decide at this point they don’t want to provide the required information

A couple of closing notes:

  1. Do not be afraid to contact any script seller and request an additional discount over the published cost. Also don’t be afraid to bargain for additional services or goodies. The script world is very competitve and you may be surprised how willing they are to offer an additional discount if you just ask.

  2. Be cautious as to how you remit payment. Sending money via wire or bank transfer means once you send the money, you have little if any, recourse. If you pay via credit card you can always work with the credit card company if you get stung.

Best Regards…