Which directory script for a "Yellow Pages" style local directory?

OK, I am looking to build (rebuild) a directory. I currently use Drupal, but my coding skills are not good enough to make the required modifications.

On reading this various threads on this forum, and others, I have a short list:

eSyndicat - http://www.esyndicat.com/
PHP link Directory - http://www.phplinkdirectory.com
Powerseek - http://www.focalmedia.net/pseek.html
Astanda - http://www.astanda.com/adp/
Edirectory - http://www.edirectory.com/

My requirements are more or less:

  1. A directory to work like a Yellow Pages - more non-web companies than URLs etc.
  2. Each listing to have a business type category plus also, maybe, a town/location category.
  3. Maps for each listing
  4. Ability to add photos - ideally a small thumbnail for standard listings, and a full page, either designed by myself of client, for premium.
  5. Premium links to have their own page on EP - either a “show more” or title link to EP page instead of their own domain.
  6. To gather premium fees using PayPal of Google Checkout
  7. Various membership levels - free for simple listings + premium for page listings to start with - but with the opportunity to charge later, i.e. make the free people standard paid after a year, and then have a new free membership level for charities, schools, doctors etc. Maybe I should set this up first, then just have the free and premium option available. Maybe the first 1000 clients get special free for life listing - maybe a good promotion. Then on, 10 quid a year for standard, 100 quid a year for premium page - all just ideas…
  8. To send me an email whenever some submits a listing - either individual or consolidated daily.
  9. To send client email to confirm listins.
  10. To send client email when premium listing about to expire.
  11. Also to be able to send out client newsletters etc. would be handy
  12. Some sort of banner management would be nice, although to start with I will just have some subtle blended adsense
  13. Easyish to modify templates
  14. Spam management
  15. Secure and fast
  16. SEO friendly URLs, ideally as standard (this is one thing that annoyed me about Powerseek - you have to actually create the html’s by running a batch job (or something) rather than let a mod rewrite deal with it.

I have reviewed some old threads here, which favour phpLD. But then, someone mentioned eDirectory too, as being better for YellowPages style.

prices range widely from about $75 to $400.

Any suggestions for which one may be best? Many people say PowerSeek, which sounds perfect, but at $400 (plus vat) is a bit expensive. Maybe a good investment though?

http://www.phpmydirectory.com might fit the bill :slight_smile:

Had a look and it does look good. Do you use it? Or do you own it? Will delve into the demo areas. Good to see a recent new release too.

Do you know if it has SEO friendly URLs - looking at the one listing, they do not have it switched on in demo if they do provide them;

esyndicat meets all your requirements.

and its urls are very friendly.

It does. It also has personalised Meta details for each page.


I am now down to two - syndicat and phpmydirectory

I shall sleep on it. If anyone out there has experience of both, please share!

Go with phpmydirectory the latest version is very good, and support both from the developers and community is excellent. Its very easy to template as well.

Maybe it’s worth to try iLister at ilistersoft.com?

It meets all the conditions you mentioned.

I have not used it yet, but based on my research phpmydirectory is a good one to try. Thanks for the confirmation. I will give it a go :).

OK, I have started experimenting with esynicat. So far just playing with my new casino directory - http://www.casinomarker.co.uk/ - the script is straightforward to use, but maybe I need some extra functions for payments later. At the moment it seems clean and fast. Got to tackle the themes/templates though, currently still have the default theme showing. But happy so far!

Just curious –
How did you decide on eSyndiCat over phpMyDirectory?

phpMyDirectory looks like it does more out-of-the-box.
eSyndiCat seems to require installation of a lot of mods in order to be comparable.

I came across a yellowpages directory today that looks good in use (lots of pretty icons) - ww w.nw a.cc/directory/ . It’s $75 at ww w.bos dev.com/bosmarket/ . At first glance it looks similar to eSyndiCat and phpMyDirectory, but with less features.

The bos-dev site offers six packages: calendar, calendar lite, classifieds, yellowpages directory, links directory, & news articles. They all look nice aesthetically and are fairly functional. I’m wondering if they’re open source apps that were modified for resale. The amount of programming involved seems too much for one company to have created all from scratch. What do you think? Are they originals? Or are they repackaged open source and what open source apps are they?

I also looking script for rebuild my Yelllow pages local directory.
Your list for me is not good because these scripts is good for SEO, not good for normal people which seek shops/firms, and the presentation listing pages is weak.
Check esyndicat or other seo directories listing page, thumb, few lines description and URL, what you will pull people?
Next question? Earnings.
In these directories you can earn only on to add pages.

I found one directory script good for me but price is sick - edirectory. com
I write about this script because this has many more possibilities of the presentation of shops/firms and earnings.

Waiting for your opinions about this script.


Look at the site closely and you’ll find that were originally developed by one man - he might have one or two people working for him by now though. They aren’t open source but nothing in encrypted so you’re free to make your own modifications for the site you’re working on.

I am also looking at esyndicat for the same purpose to build a “Yellow Pages” style website. But I notice all these Web directory softwares also requires alot of coding & modifying on the PHP and if need any customize design with css or flash, more work needed for the .tpl format.

There is very little tutorial to explain esyndicat, it is based on the php skill of the coder.

Is there a design customize web directory software available?

Here there is one more example for web directory experts. They have customized solution for all the directory needs.

I got my restaurants directory along with strong admin and cms done in just 3 weeks time

I highly recommend http://www.adpssolutions.com for their quality work and inexpensive solutions.


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