Good pre-built script for running a paid directory?

I have been out of the loop for so long that im not sure where to start. What’s a good script to use to run a paid directory listing? I will basically allow free listings, but want people to pay for higher ranking listings.

Should be able to handle custom fields so we can customize it, and users should be able to rate them if they signup for an account.

Any ideas?


You may want to take a look at eSyndiCat.

eSyndiCat or phplinkdirectory :tup:

Thanks for the recommendation, and if you have any questions or need a demo, just ask.

phplink directory is good …even programming is good…
price is also ok…

if u have any problem with that then i would recommend induxu 5.x which is not bad as well

Hmm… do either of these allow people to buy listings or pay to upgrade their listings?

I have a php script that fills the values in a pre-built pdf form. If I upload this script as a stand-alone php file, it works (on most browsers). The very same code, put into a ff form’s Submit Pieces/Before Submit does not work. I was hoping to use a ff form to do the db query, allow for confirmation/changes to data, and then execute this code on submit, obviously replacing the current hard-coded information with the query variables. The following code is just a test with hard-coded vars to get it working. I don’t know why it’s not working as it seems like it should if it works outside of ff.


Try out the demos for those that were posted above. And/or, ask at their forums.
For eSyndiCat:

phpLD offers both of these things. There are different levels of payments, and also what some directory owners do is give people free listings for a period of time, and then have a link to pay to upgrade to premium to make the listings permanent.