New directory script

Has anyone seen this script before:

I stumbled on it a couple of days ago. I’d love to hear if anyone has had any experience using it. I love how professional the script appears. There’s a demo at:

The only thing that puts me off is the price. But then again, if I want to have a professional looking directory, maybe that’s the price I need to pay.

Has anyone seen anything as good as this before? I’d be keen to hear everyones thoughts as to whether the script seems like value for money, etc…

I’m just starting to learn php / mysql myself and I know it will be ages before I’ll have the skills to be able to do anything like this myself. Can someone who knows about databases / scripting have a quick look at this for me and tell me if it’s any good and also whether someone fairly amatuer (like me) would be able to manage it themselves. That is if I purchased the script instead of just having it hosted by this company.

Thanks a lot everyone.



Thank you. This seems to be an old thread about a “new directory script” that is no longer “new”. We just released a new version of phpLD.

Anyone else have any feedback from this source? TIA

Seems no, at sitepoint forum. But I saw something on others,
also there is an always active forum on their site

Before deciding on a directory script, be aware that google is starting to penalize spam directories… check out this:

This looks like a good directory script as it seems to have more features than regular scripts, it would be easy to manage from what i can see even without much knowledge.

What kind of site are you going to be using this for ? That will help me give you more recomendations.

Hi Para

Thanks for taking a look at that script.

My intention is to start a directory of pet products and services. I want to make it international, so for example, if someone is looking for a pet store in Auckland New Zealand they’ll be able to find it easily. And I don’t want the site just to be a huge series of links. I want each company that submits their details to be able to explain about their products and services as well as providing users with images of their product / service. And I want to be able to take payments from customers.

I hope that helps you understand where I’m coming from.

Given your status on the forums, you must have significant knowledge of coding, etc… Can you give me some idea of how big of a job it would be for someone fairly new to databases / scripting to make a directory such as the one available at ? I’m trying to work out if putting together something like this would be possible if I dedicated a couple of months to it.

I’ve had a look at other directory scripts, such as phpmydirectory, phplinksdirectory, etc but feel that they are lacking.



The URLs are not working. I have tried opening both of them buet I get “Page Not Found” for both links.

costly, tables, no dtd, otherwise looks interesting

I’m still pretty keen to get some feedback to my earlier posts if anyone can add something. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of buying this script. Can anyone find any reason why it might not be a good purchase. Thanks :wink:

I search for a good directory to install on PHP/MYSQL. In case of a sudent problem I want to be able to reinstall keeping the content as it previously was. Where could I download such a stable script and fpr free?

Well if you are looking for a directory portal script, you could try this


This is my personal favourite

The one u are looking at is a bit expensive and well havent seen it used…
Interact a lot with dirs

Both ‘edirectory’ and ‘indexu’ are nice scripts. The ‘edirectory’ demo is excellent and it is good to see some effort in projecting a script in its best light.

Fully optioned, Edirectory seems to more of a portal with a very good directory capability. I question the cost of edirectory in light of other good scripts. If you purchased the full options and unencoded, expect to be out of pocket for at least $3000.

Once you start talking these amounts, it is worth creating your own script.

If you check-out edirectory’s recently created website links, you will find all of these look decidely amateurish compared to the demo. If you’re interested in buying, I would question how close to the demo is the script that you are purchasing as it would cost considerably more money to get a new template created that combines the clean design and typography that the demo projects.


way too pricey for that edirectory script. Would definitely rather invest in a proprietary script myself.

Can someone give me a roughidea about how much I could expect to pay for a proprietory script of the quality of edirectory?

Also, can you let me know where I would go, or who I would talk to about doing a proprietory script.


Is the best place to seek script coders?

What’s wrong with indexu, by the way. Or, is the concern more about changing the default html/web page formatting / look and feel?

I’m considering INDEXU in addition to ESYNDICAT PRO (the new version 2, just released).

These seem to be pretty flexible, or am I missing something?

I would be reluctant to build a site like edirectory from scratch.

Unless you have good knowlege of the coder and a long pocket, I would get someone to check the coding on the edirectory script and purchase the unencoded version. It would be less pain and probably cheaper in the long run. is another alternative. I have had good results and bad from their coders.


Too much expensive! I would definitely go with phpMyDirectory for $99.95 & alsmot the same features, if not more.