Thank you Hawk

As most of you know, our longtime community manager @HAWK is leaving SitePoint today.

Hawk has been with SitePoint, in one capacity or another, for over 10 years. It’s hard to imagine this place without her, but there are some truly awesome things ahead for her — including working with FeverBee, one of the biggest names in community management. That’s a huge testament to her experience and skill.

She’s over on Twitter today. Go show her some love!

Sarah (am I even allowed to call you that??), thank you for everything you’ve done at SitePoint over the years. Your dedication to this community is unmatched, and your heroic effort in moving us over to Discourse made us so much stronger.


Thank you, @HAWK!
The few months that I had the pleasure of working with you was enough time to learn that you’re a true gem who’s highly respected and will be sorely missed.

All the best, mate.

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Sad to see you go, Hawk!

I didn’t get to work with you very long, but in that time I did manage to pick up how brilliant you are as a community manager and colleague! Thank you so much for your time here building what is an incredible community.

I wish you all the very best in your next role :smile:

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You’re making me cry… again! How fair is that?

@Hawk Thanks for all the hard work and for being always positive and try new things… including Discourse :smile:

Best of luck in the future although I know that you’re one of those who creates her own luck.

It will great to see you around here as a regular member… then I can ban you, mauahahaha!

Just kidding of course

PS: What did you think? That you were going to leave without one of my wonderful jokes? No way :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t be a stranger

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All the best @HAWK - We’ll miss you around here, but wishing you all the best in your new endeavours :smile:

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Missing you already Sarah :cry:


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