Just Sayin

As we close out this year I just wanted to recognize @John_Betong. Lately he has been really on it contributing to this forum. (Yeah, I know you other guys have too).

@John_Betong, I just wanted to let you know that I for one have noticed your efforts in supporting this forum. Thanks for contributing.

I think a few honorable mentions are in order as well. @ScallioXTX, may he rest in peace, @rpkamp, @droopsnoot, @SamA74, @spaceshiptrooper, @TomB, @Mittineague as well as the rest of you who so graciously offer your time and expertise for free.

Looking forward to the next year of Sitepoint!

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Many thanks for the kind words which will make me try and increase my efforts. I was most surprised and think there are many other far more knowledgable users who deserve the credit.

I must admit that I have little in depth knowledge on any particular topics and have learnt a great deal by contributing because… other users have usually been quick to correct my mistakes. Perhaps 2019 will make me even more helpful :slight_smile:

Yes I am also looking forward to next year on the SitePoint Forum and wish everyone a very Happy New Year.


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