Sitepoint has changed - it's not the same anymore!

I feel that Sitepoint has changed - and not for the better!

Without wishing to sound like I’m whining, I believe that Sitepoint’s articles and forum posts were of a generally superior standard in the past.

Previously, I used to eagerly anticipate the release of a new Sitepoint article, in the same way I did an article from alistapart. That’s changed.

These days, not only do I not eagerly await Sitepoint’s deluge of poorly written material - most notably its blog posts - which often appear to have been written more for google than any human reader - I’m increasingly turning elsewhere for quality content.

And since Hawk has joined as Community Chief, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the humor found in the forums. Humor seems to have been replaced by a high tolerance for boring posts and veiled - and not so veiled - threats.

Sitepoint, in its quest to be all things to all people, has lost its way in my opinion.

I’d be very interested to hear what others think?

Yeah, that’ll be the result of my humour crack-down. I find that if people waste too much time having fun then nothing gets done.

Seriously, I’m really sorry to hear that you feel that way. It isn’t something that I’ve been made aware of.

I’d be keen to hear other peoples’ take on your post. If this is a widely shared view then I’ll do something about it.

And can you give me an example of these threats? PM me if necessary.

I usually don’t read the Articles or Blog posts on a daily basis, but more as-needed. The ones I’ve read are fine IMHO, very educational.

As for “fun” in the forums, I thought General Chat was the place for that.

In the “technical” forums, I often see it “tacked on” to an answer occasionally. AFAIK the only thing that’s changed is the stricter policy towards fluff (eg. fun only replies) in the “technical” forums. And this was implemented in response to a large number of member requests to do so.

i can’t comment on the articles but the forums are way better than they used to be, and i’ve seen quite a lot of threads over the years

The quality of the forums have increased greatly, we have less fluff and spam than we used to have, and there’s more community projects going on. Perhaps there’s less general humour and it’s become more technical, but I think the forum needed to get a bit more professional as we were losing quite a few of our most prestigious posters (who knew what they were talking about). We need all the great discussions we can get, so that’s good news, I think things are good here.

As for the blogs and articles, unfortunately I have to agree with the sharp downturn in their quality. While the blogs are generally fine (in being relevant though perhaps sometimes a bit too self-promotional - like the influx of why you need to know HTML5 posts which coincidently relate directly to the new course - that has been pretty irksome), they do manage to have some decent nuggets of information between the blatant advertisements (though they do try to cover far too many subjects).

With the articles, I’ve given up on them entirely… about 75% of all the articles recently published to SitePoint are either related to new books, courses or other products they want to promote or their directly related to a promotion or sponsor which SitePoint has (which would be fair enough if they produced lots of content, but articles only get released on an infrequent basis so there’s little time for non-promotional content). I don’t think I’ll ever forget the irony when we had that Business Catalyst series where upon the thread saying the article was out appeared, the message right above the promotion for the article was an advertisement (in the sponsor box) promoting the very product they were highlighting in the article. I now just go elsewhere for industry related content (not really a problem for me). :slight_smile:

so you re-registered in 2009 under a different name? why?

which forums are these? because we routinely delete rubbish and commercial posts

I too feel that SP is not what it used to be. The homepage used to be a destination page for me, but now, my honest opinion is that it’s simply crammed with content for contents sake - some of the articles are laughable in their obscurity - answers to questions nobody asked or are interested in.

Generally the feeling is that it’s gone from a great community and great articles to more of a cash cow. That’s not in itself a criticism by the way, more a statement of observation - I don’t begrudge SitePoint the right to cash in, but quality has slipped someway as a result.

In terms of the community - wow - I used to be fairly active back in the day, the Wayne Luke era, but now, the forums I frequent when I do visit are generally littered with rubbish, and thinly veiled commercial posts. Again, not necessarily a criticism of leadership - it’s boomed in users and therefore the quality is bound to go down. Look at what happened to DP.

Well, I dunno what proportion of the forumites read the articles/blogs, but maybe a list of topics/specifics could be created here, for the SitePoint staff to use as an idea well.

Since Perl’s been having a resurgence the last few years, yes also in web dev, I’m surprised SitePoint hasn’t done any articles about that. Sure, plenty of others are also ignoring it, but if SitePoint needs an area of new content… hell, modern Perl has plenty to tell and plenty to offer to (back-end) web developers. Or even articles about Python and Ruby who are also not mentioned so much… not everything is done in PHP you know : )

I notice most of the more recent articles focus a lot on the front end. That’s great. Wordpress stuff surely is interesting to many people, as is Flash stuff, Javascript stuff…

Where’s the back end, besides PHP and all the ColdFusion/Flex stuff? I see a Django article from 2009… an article about Jekyll (Ruby)… that’s it for 2009 as far as non CF/PHP. Well, and article on Git which is cool. Git++

Maybe SitePoint deliberately wants to focus more on front-end, which is fine. But I keep hearing that the Program Your Site is actually the most-visited part of the forums (yeah possibly different demographic I know but surely they overlap?).

Is SitePoint considering maybe more back-end stuff? There is SO much going on in Perl… I would just assume that .Net/C#, Python and Ruby have just as much going on, and for web development. Modules, frameworks, interfaces with Apache, on and on… maybe SP is missing out on something?

Lawlz I’m prolly the only person here promoting Perl but I had to say it.

So do you see any potential remedies to get it “back” to what you would like it to be? Or do you feel it’s an inevitable process?

And since Hawk has joined as Community Chief, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the humor found in the forums.

It’s cause there’s less hairybob!