A huge thank you from me

I am overwhelmingly grateful for how receptive you (the community) have been of this change. It is a huge thing to get used to and I love how everyone is taking it in their stride and getting on with it. I appreciate the positive feedback that you’ve been giving, and the constructive way in which you’re communicating the less positive stuff.

While I’m at it, I need to thank my awesome staff team here on the forums, my colleagues at SitePoint HQ who worked with me to get this launched, the guys at Discourse that helped us, and all the others at HQ that have had to wait on their projects while I monopolized the all the dev resource.

This is sounding a lot like an acceptance speech at the Grammys, so I should stop.


Yeah, I was expecting you to thank your parents next. :smiley:

I second your thanks, though. It’s been a great start to a new era around here!

I would have if they knew what a forum was.

My dad says to me on a weekly basis that he still doesn’t understand what I do.


A big thanks to Hawk that had to put up with one or maybe two complains from people like me who where not too sure if Discourse could make it ready soon enough for us (they did and they did an amazing job but Hawk and other members of the staff were right behind them. No pressure there :p)


Kudos, Kudos and more Kudos are coming your way! Great job to you and Everyone who had their hand in this project.

Here’s are some cookies for all of you!


Didn’t hear the walk-away music playing. :slight_smile:



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I love cookies :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m impressed by the work of all and the result. It needs some getting used to but I like it a lot.


I love cookies[/quote]

Me too. M0aR cookies!

Also a big thanks to Hawk and the forum staff for working on all this.


You’re helping too :slight_smile:

I’m b*tching, if that’s what you mean. But Scott has me beaten on that : P

cpradio’s trying to help, but I’m still not able to do some things easily. Also a personal stylesheet helps a lot of the things I don’t like that SitePoint can’t (easily) change (though I still like the suggestion of moving the reply-to’s to near the poster name, that ought to be in the main stylesheet).

Even so, every big change means a lot of broken or half-working things, and the staff always has to deal with that. Sorta like our public transport people. Train’s late? Train people get rotten stuff thrown at them : P

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* ducks *

Aha! So Guido is secretly working for the NS! …A?

No. I work for these forums. I thought you meant people might want to throw rotten tomatoes at us as well :wink:

You do? And here I’ve been thinking we volunteered for these forums. I feel slighted. :frowning:


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Volunteer = working without payment :wink:

Scott used to work at vB so I’m not sure that his moaning really counts. :wink:

Nice to hear that this is such a great community… Hope to see you around :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m clueless but what did you launched?

Look at the OP date to get a hint.

“this” is this Discourse forum :wink: