The best alternatives to adsense in 2013?

What are the best alternatives to adsense in 2013?
I ask because I’m not happy at all with the money I make with Uncle Adsense .
Can you help me?

I tried to get other alternatives but I was not getting enough traffic. I have forgotten the exact details as it was over a year ago; but something you want to think about when looking around. One service I applied to recomended I signed up with an online traffic site so that they could view my traffic.


Can we have a bit more information on your website? Is it an e-commerce website you run?

The only reason why is that if you have an e-commerce site it may be worth the increase in CRO by getting rid of Adsense altogether.

Can we have a bit more information on your website?

Is a site I build for a friend in Romanian (PR=2) and has 1,200 visitors / day.

1,200 visitor/ day and 120 clicks / day = almost 2 dollars / day. Just $2.

Look here :

www DOT iepuri DOT info

( it’s a site about rabbits breeding )

This is the site I signed up for to monitor my traffic as recommended by the ad agency I tried for - it was free.

I found this site interesting but some of the requirements seemed out of date.

Looking back at that time I was on around 4,700 unique visitors and 88,000 hits a month and that was not enough. Also your website content has an effect on them accepting you.

We have been quite successful in selling our own advertising once a site passes say 100,000 pageviews per month from real visitors. At that point we make a lot more on our own advertising than through adsense.

Perhaps you can try Infolinks and Chitika. I think you might be familiar with Infolinks. You often see this name when you place your mouse pointer on a double underlined word. Chitika, if I heard it right, pays for those who write about products (it gives you ad banners). It uses PayPal for delivering money.

Thanks for your answers. I was not knowing the benefits of Adsense but your answer helped me to get some close of it.

I prefer chitika rather than infolinks or adsense. I used contera in the past also. According to my experience, chitika is the best alternative.

I think Chitika is best after the Google Adsense instead of of others.

i suppose none of alternatives will give you the same amount of traffic and revenue.
Nevertheless, i’ve found the list of the alternatives. I understand that some of them could not be worthwhile and working, as well as some of them are blamed for sending adware and malware. So be carefull, not all of them will suit you. Everything depends on your website theme.

These alternatives are very good especially for me because many of them were not into my knowledge.

i’m glad you’ve found that list useful. But, again, be careful using them, there could be lots of pitfalls;)

O, Yes you are right dear It is another major problem, but I will care.

Google adsense is best for getting more money compare to tohers but it is not only one ppc network, they have lot of alternative is there, best one one is Chitika,infolinks,you don’t need space in you website for this(infolink) network.