Telephone Systems

For an ecommerce site with good customer service, what telephone systems would you recommend? Can you outline the pros and cons of systems you have used? Thank you.

Are you referring to a VOIP service? I’ve used Ring Central and had great luck with them in the past.

I am also looking at ring central and phone dot com. I am just looking at the various options to handle our calls, and both look very good, altough from some of the reviews ring central lags in customer service. Any insights that you or others have on phone systems (VoIP or other) would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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We’re using RingCentral for a while now. So far so good! No hassle to configure, nice admin panel to setup all your answering rules, extensions, etc. They e-mail you all your voice mails or you can install a piece of software that will make it easier.

Unless you’re forwarding to your other phone, you’d need to purchase a digital line from them and so you can then connect it to the software or a VoIP phone that they sell pre-configured…

Keep in mind that toll free numbers that you receive directly from Ring Central are not owned by you. If you decide to switch carriers you cannot port your number.

However, if you bring a toll free number in with you then you will have the option of porting that number to another provider.