Phone service for my business?

Hi all-I’m starting a new business that’s not actually a web-design or web-hosting business, but I’ve owned both in the past and know I’ll be faced with a lot of the same issues YOU do so I’m hoping to get some ideas on a really basic question: What phone service should I get?


  1. I’m not marketing in my local geographic area (most business I’m planning to solicit will be online and via online ad-campaigns…minimal outbound calling). All of my services are provided online and through my website so 95% of my customers should never have a need to call anyway.
  2. I’m marketing to businesses not consumers/residential
  3. Naturally, I’m bootstrapping this business so I don’t have tons of capital to go out and buy a phone system nor do I think it’s really necessary for my business so I’m working under the assumption that a VoIP service will be more cost-effective than POTS from my baby-bell.
  4. I HOPE to never have employees (i.e. I only need one phone extension and a single voicemail box).

Here’s my questions:

  1. What VoIP service would everyone suggest?
  2. Do you think it’s really necessary to have a toll-free number since I’m soliciting businesses primarily rather than residential users?

BTW-I’m US based but about half of my ‘market’ is international…keep in-mind that most customers should never need to call me anyway…I’m just thinking I need to get a phone line as a formality and so I don’t have to publish my cel or personal phone number.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. -Aa

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I always like having a toll free number on a website… if only just for appearances. That said, if you don’t feel it’s necessary, don’t get it.

Given your list of requirements why not go with a Vonage account? Vonage offers good rates on domestic and international long distance, you can buy a toll free number for a few dollars a month and you can start with a 500 minute plan for about as cheap as anyone else offers complete with voicemail and all the other options. As a plus, if you already have a land line and put them both on vonage there’s a nice discount for the second line.

If you end up going with a local provider you can always layer on more numbers and options with a provider like Ring Central who offers additional 800 and local numbers for a minutely fee.

In the market there are more option to choose right phone service for your business, but in my opinion If you want to go “Free”, you can use Grand Central (just acquired by Google). You will get a local number (not toll-free), but there’s NO auto assistant, extension etc.

I use skype. It is not free buty dirty cheap :smiley: Having said that, I never had the time to try other options and since it works for me…

There are tons of VoIP services, pick the one that’s the most affordable and offers the cheapest calling plans. I currently use Vonage. If they don’t offer really cheap toll-free, check out [URL=“”]Kall8. I’ve been using them for years and they have some really cool services and are pretty affordable too.

I agree. Pick the one that will suit your needs. Know your calling habits and based your options from there. I have more incoming calls than outgoing calls and thus a prepaid service is perfect for my needs. So based on that need I picked Onesuite VoIP service which is a prepaid service.

I would have to agree also. It all depends on how many calls you are planning on making. Where I work we have hundreds of outgoing and ingoing calls and we got help with our which has made a huge difference. I am pretty sure this is the website.

Check out - I can recommend them :slight_smile:

I can recommend I have always had great quality with them.

Checked their website but I can’t find any pricing. Are incoming free? How much per outgoing call? Is this advisable to residential usage? I’m happy with Onesuite but will welcome any better alternative if there’s any.