Switched domains, lost Page Rank

Hi All,

We recently switched our domains from www.northstaranchors.com to anchoring.com.

We 301 redirected most of the pages (including the front page), but we did not do a complete site redirect as we were storing some images on the original site that we wanted to keep there.

Now if you check www.northstaranchors.com for its page rank it has a 0 rating and anchoring.com also has a 0 ratings. Originally NorthStarAnchors.com had a PR of 3.

Did we go about ‘transfering our page rank’ the wrong way? And if so, is our page rank lost forever?

Not that it’s worth worrying about, but no, you didn’t lose the PR.

I couln’t see the PR of the old domain’s index page as it redirects.

The PR of the new domain’s index page is not 0, it’s N/A

You just need to wait until the toolbar PR is updated.

IMHO it would be better to spend your time analysing stats other than PR, it’s practically meaningless and insignificant. i.e.

Has your traffic, bounce rate, search terms, or SERP rank changed?

Thanks Mittineague.

I agree, it’s not worth obsessing over and our traffic doesn’t appear to have dropped much (we’re a very seasonal company so it can be difficult to tell). It was just principle more than anything =)

I agree with Mittineague, your PR hasn’t dropped off. PR simply doesn’t update very often in the toolbar and if they detect a mass change, they can ‘grey bar’ it in the short term.

PR is eyewash, has your listing affected by domain redirecting? If not enjoy new domain .I am sure you also must have changed URL in Google Webmaster Tools under Change of address link.