If I do 301 redirect will I pick up page rank from old site

Hi Guys!

If I do a 301 redirect from one domain (ranks for same keywords as our domain), will it transfer the page rank to the new domain it redirects to? We are looking to acquire a domain and are wondering if it will help our SEO.

If anyone could help, that would be great.



Where’s the SEO board? I’ll flag the mods to relocate if they believe it’s appropriate.

It’s my belief that 301 is an SEO tool to let search engines (et al) know that a page has been relocated. It SHOULD not matter where the new page is located but search engines all play by their own (secret) rules so it’s difficult to know.

Yeah, of no help again, eh? Sorry.




Any link to the old page will be counted as a link to the new page, as long as the topic appears to be the same and the link still relevant. In terms of PageRank (although why anyone still worries about that I have no idea…), it will be transferred with a bit of leakage – with every redirect you go through, a little bit of googlejuice gets bored and wanders off, but the majority of it goes through. This is to stop people setting up ‘infinite circles’ of redirects that just build up googlejuice ad infinitum.


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Thanks, Stevie!