Suggest some Back link and keyword suggestion SEO tools


Suggest some efficient SEO tools which are useful for keyword research, competitor analysis and back links analysis .

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You could check out Moz’s Open Site Explorer. I have heard Market Samurai is good for keyword research. There is also Rank Tracker and Traffic Travis. Majestic SEO is another good one.

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Hi Shawn thanks for the sites
I Have tried in Rank Trackr but it is not a free version. Open site explorer is useful . Do you know any other sites for Back link checker , Keyword, Competition?



You could check out ahrefs,

Personally I have not used that one.

Yeah rank tracker has a limited free version. The tool you pick or even a strategy of your own that you put together might depend on exactly what you are trying to do. For example there are snippets of code that you can run on your machine to extract backlinks from Web master tools and analyze your backlinks. There are free tools like seo4firefox that allow you to see elements of your page. You can also use it to download links from an SERP into a CSV file for later analysis.

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Thanks shawn
This site ‘’ is useful too.


You could try using tools such as:
Link Risk
Majestic SEO

I use Rank Tracker for keyword research (its data mostly comes from Google Adwords, but then you can analyze those keywords and track rankings for them later).

And I analyze backlinks with Seo Spyglass.

I suggest using Google Adwords for Keyword Research… :slight_smile:

The all in one SEO tool that I would recommend is IBP (Internet Business Promoter). But, report generated is limited in free version. It is very good at analyzing competitors website with yours.

As for free ones, i use to check my website’s backlinks. It shows the total no. of backlinks and search for the individual pages where our link is located but only limited to 1000. Try is yourself. And for researching keywords, Google keyword tool is recommended.

There are a lot of tools in online for this work. But My advice for using tools-

keyword Research & competitors Analysis tool:

  1. Google Adword
  2. SEO Quake (browser extension)

Tips for competitor analysis:

Google PR
Google Index
Bing Index
Alexa Rank
Twitter Tweets
Face book Likes
Internal Links
External Links
Demoz list
Yahoo List
Key word in Title
Keyword in Description
Back links

Backlink Analysis Tools:

  1. opensite explorer
  2. Majestic SEO
  3. Backlink watch etc. You can find more tools from online paid & free version.

Enayet Hossen

Rather than just having long lists, please pick one or two tools that you really like, and tell us why they are so great and what they can do for you.


I have tried back link watch it shows a huge number of back links. Simultaneously I am using another one site which displaces very few backlinks
Back link watch : 18000 rank signal : 120
Then which one is accurate?

I can’t use google adword tool frequently . While continuously using this tool it redirect to sign up for Adwords. Also it displays, this tool will be not available after this month

Is there any option to use Linkrisk at free of cost or any free trial

Unfortunately no, but I’ve heard it’s a pretty good SEO tool.

I cannot tell exactly which one is accurate.

BacklinkWatch shows each and every links pointing to your site. Like, if you get a link from a blogspot blog homepage, BacklinkWatch watch will show links from all the pages of that blog. However, this link checker is slow that takes time to show your recent links.

In case of rank signal, it shows link from where it is pointed and not more than that. That may be the reason why no. of links shown by this site is low. And this tool can show your recent backlinks more faster.