Explore competitors

Over the last years we have been using Market Samurai for our competition analysis and keyword research. Lately it doesn’t seem up to scratch when handling a serious number of enquiries.
which software do you think is best if you are trying to analyze/research up to 10,000 terms at once??And I’d like to explore competitors

You may try with SEO SpyGlass I mean SEO powersuite. This is very useful.

Thanks for adviсe.What other services can help me?

For me Yahoo site explorer is the best way to explore competitors… I am using this for a long time so why don’t you try it.

I use Keyword Country to deep research profitable, niche related keywords. It digs upto 50, 000 keywords (including misspellings, LSI, synonyms etc) for me at once. Not just that, it helps me spy on my competitors by alerting me whenever they change their strategy. I am all for it…:slight_smile:

I can´t believe that you post about the YSE !!
The API has already been coped and at the end of the year YSE will be shutdown completely…

I think the question was more about keyword research then about backlinks.
I think the AdWords Keyword tool is good to figure out new keywords and long tail keyword combinations … Regarding myself, I´m using a new toolbox called sitefactor (it´s from a German seo company) and it´s working pretty well for that purpose. There is a free starter package to check it out for for free …

Well, you can use “Keyword country” for
-Extensive keyword research
-Spying on your competitor keywords
-As an aid for link building and much more…